October TBR

Hello and good morning!

I want to start off by saying I think I have finally lost it.  I thought last month’s TBR was ridiculous but this month I above and beyond lost it.  Not only do I have a massive amount of physical books, but I’ve got a hefty list from NetGalley that I need to get read by the end of this month.  When I receive books from NetGalley, I always try to have them read and have a review posted before the publication date.  Any books from them come first in my mind.

Books I Received From NetGalley

These are books that have archive/publication dates set in October.

Books I Need To Finish From September’s TBR

Though I did not even start two other books from last month’s TBR, I am merely finishing this book due to how far I already am in it.

The Rest Of My Overzealous TBR

I have a lot of Goosebumps books on here, and as we are going into the season of black cats and pumpkins, what better time to read them?

Whew!  Yes, my head hurts looking at that.  Twenty-seven books!  Normally, I wouldn’t even attempt something like that.  However, the Goosebump books are pretty small and I can read them within an hour each.  I also know that I will have a week or more off work due to an upcoming surgery.  So as long as I can be at home during that time, I’ll be able to use that to bury myself in this TBR.

That is all for me today and until next time………………………….


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