Book Review: Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh

Title: Reign of the Fallen

Author: Sarah Glenn Marsh

Publisher: Razorbill

Date Published: January 23rd 2018

Format: Hardcover, Audio

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Odessa’s world is split between the world of the living and that of the dead, otherwise known as the Deadlands.  She is a Necromancer, one of the few who can travel between the worlds to bring the spirits of those that had died back to their bodies.  Once brought back, though, their bodies must remain completely covered by shrouds.  If even a sliver of flesh is seen by the living, they seace to be who they are and turn instead into these demonic creatures known as Shades.  When more of these Shades begin to appear, Odessa begins to wonder if someone is purposefully making these soul-eating creatures and to what purpose.

My Thoughts

I definitely give the author props for creating something so original.   The Necromancers seemed almost like the keepers of the dead.  Those that could visit into the world of the Deadlands and speak with them and bring them back.  It almost seemed kind of sad though, to be brought back to the living only to have to hide behind shrouds lest you turn into a horrying monster capable of destroying your loved ones.

The author also did an amazing job bringing those Shades into existence.  When it came to describing them, I could easily picture these tall, decomposing creatures, and whenever one shrieked, I could easily imagine the noise making my spine crawl.  It’s weird of me to say, but I loved it.  There is nothing better than an author who can create such a vivid picture in my mind.

As an avid lover of romance, I was glad to see that there was some relationship building in this, small as it was.  Odessa and Meredy had made a stalwart bond through their own seperate grief and loss, which created this pull towards each other that was……… I’m honestly wordless in describing it.  They both needed each other, needed to look out for one another.  And I loved it.

Would I recommend this?

I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of ya fantasy, or those seeking a LGBTQ novel.


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