2019 Reading Bucket List

Hello fellow readers! I am coming on here today to share with you all my 2019 reading bucket list. First, I guess I should explain how this list came to be. While I love readathons and challenges, I don’t always have the time to participate in these dated events. So I thought, wouldn’t it be more ideal (with my crazy life) if I had a giant list of challenges to help make reading more fun for myself without the daunting deadlines of most readathons. And so I created a giant list of of challenges that I would like to achieve in this new year.

  • Read the alphabet. Choose an author whose last name starts with a letter from the alphabet. From A to Z. If there are any letters that I do not have, skip and continue to the next letter. For every letter skipped, I must read a book of my choice to fill in at the end. Total of 26 books.
  • A book by my favorite author
  • a book by my least favorite author
  • an audio book
  • a kindle book
  • a paperback
  • a hardcover
  • romance book
  • horror book
  • YA book
  • Fantasy book
  • a book to start a series
  • a book that will finish a series
  • a book I purchased solely on the cover
  • a book that has been on my shelf for more than 5 years
  • a book that I have been putting off reading
  • a book recommended to me by a YouTuber
  • a book I got from Thriftbooks
  • a book I got from Amazon
  • a book I got from Booksamillion
  • a book with food on the cover
  • a book with an animal on the cover
  • a book with yellow on the cover
  • a book over 500 pages
  • a book under 200 pages
  • clear one shelf on any bookcase I own of “TBR books” (total number of books varies)
  • a book that was on a TBR pile and I never read it (go back through my blogs to choose any book I added to a monthly TBR but never got to)
  • a book that I think will reflect my current mood
  • First book on my book shelf that I haven’t read
  • last book on my book shelf that I haven’t read
  • a book I know will have plenty of toe curling smut
  • Instagram Poll book (choose two books for an Instagram poll, most votes wins)
  • a book that I’ve posted on Instagram and haven’t read

I am so excited to start this bucket list. If you would like to follow my 2019 Reading Bucket List, be sure to let me know in the comments below! Be sure to follow my blog to keep up to date with my reading challenge. As I go, I will be coming back to this post to update it. I hope you enjoyed this and until next time……………..

5 thoughts on “2019 Reading Bucket List

  1. WOW! I thought making it my mission to read more books by people of colour this year was a big deal! I’ve got ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race’ and ‘Well-Read Black Girl’ ready and waiting, but you kinda stole my thunder there! I can’t believe your list, it’s staggering! Love the idea of reading the alphabet!


    1. Thank you! This makes it a lot more interesting making my TBR for each month. I love this! Feel free to take up this bucket list for yourself and add or delete any challenges that don’t work for you. Good luck with your reading this year, and thank you again!


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