Keeping His Siren by Kiersten Fay

Title: Keeping His Siren

Author: Kiersten Fay

Date Published: September 15, 2017

Format: ebook

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review*


Naia DeVoe is hired by the owner of the night club she is currently working at to spy on a local competitor. Her task is to infiltrate Ever Nights, the hottest club in town and snoop around to see if rumors of foul play and dirty money are true. But when her interest in Ever Nights sexy vampire owner, Cortez, takes a serious turn, she begins to wonder if this man could really be capable of such atrocities.

My Thoughts:

Um, WOW! I absolutely loved this! Though this is the fourth book in the Ever Nights Chronicles, it didn’t hurt my enjoyment in the least and can definitely be read as a standalone. The transition into this future world where vampires have made themselves known to humans was very smooth, very believable/imaginable.

Half the time, I would forget that Cortez was a vampire (other than the late night necking with a certain stewardess). And while he was alpha all the way, I mean he is his clan leader and a dark brooding vampire, he has that vulnerable side that I find so swoon-worthy. The affection that he showed for Naia, without seeming like an ultimate creep after only a week, was perfect.

And while the romance between these two was perfect, there was still that added element of mystery and suspense. Naia struggling to maintain secrecy with her inner Siren, while trying to keep her brother from losing a limb or two to debt collecting gangs. When the romance takes a backseat and the action comes out to play, hold on to your seats because, man, this book had some heart-pounding scenes.

Would I Recommend:

Absolutely! Kiersten Fay knows how to create compelling worlds and steamy couples. Keeping His Siren has made me a fan!

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