Exciting Life Update

Okay, I’m probably going a little dramatic with the title, but there has been some pretty huge things going on for me lately and I am living on cloud nine. Albeit a very stressed cloud, but I’m still living on one.

So the first thing I want to share, and again I’m dramatic with this since I’m technically not allowed to share much until later, is that my career is maybe/possibly moving forward? Again, I can’t say much until after everything is over and I get the thumbs up or thumbs down, but I recently put my name in for a higher position within the company I work for, and I got a first round interview. As the process moves forward, I will be able to share more, but for now I’m eeking out over the possibilities. Fingers crossed!

My second life-changing event is that I have officially gone back to school! I am enrolled in and have already began coursework at Southern New Hampshire University (online). My plan is to complete my Bachelor’s in Communications. This has been a dream of mine since first entering high school. Perhaps not the degree program since I originally wanted to either be a teacher or a full-time writer. But hey, when life throws you curve balls………you change your major into something that better suits the person you are now, not who you were more than ten years ago.

These past few weeks, with work and now school, has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions and obstacles, but I feel stronger. Even if I don’t get the job, or can’t make those top grades that I strive for, I’ve worked hard to make it to this point and I know that I got myself here. My success depends on the work that I put in myself. I’m ecstatic to be where I am, and I can’t wait to see where life takes me in the weeks, months, years to come.

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