Book Review: Nexus by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

Title: Nexus

Author: Sasha Alsberg, Lindsay Cummings

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Publish Date: May 7, 2019

Format: ebook

My Star Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review*

Short Synopsis:

Androma Racella has been separated from her crew, once again on the run, as the entire galaxy succumbs to a mind-controlling toxin. In order to save her crew and her home planet from an all out invasion, Andi, along with Dex, work together with new allies to rid the galaxy of this dark force.

My Thoughts:

I was so relieved while reading this. It sounds weird, but I could not stand the first book in this series. Andi’s story was redeemed in Nexus. Her character was far more relate able (as much as you can relate to the Bloody Baroness), making her more human.

This time around, I was also able to follow what was actually happening throughout the story, even with all the POV changes. My favorite was Valen. Whenever his POV came around, it gave this dark chilling feeling and actually made me care about where his story was going. At times, I felt like I was reading simply to see his side of things.

The writing was definitely a lot better in Nexus. It just flowed a lot better and the stakes were higher, which helped push the story forward.

Would I Recommend:

If you’ve already read Zenith, then yes I recommend Nexus hands down, especially if you were one of those left disappointed with the first book. However, if you haven’t suffered through the first book………eh. You wouldn’t really be missing out.

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