Chaos (My Life Lately)

Hello readers!

To say these past two weeks have been chaos is putting it mild. There has been so much going on that I had to put posting on hold while I took care of more pressing matters.

School Is Back In Session

As many of you may know it is back to school season, which means my house has been a flurry of last minute shopping, orientations, and trying to create some kind of routine for my family. With all that, I honestly am grateful that my stepdaughter is even able to go back to school. There was talk right before school began about homeschooling her from here on out.

The poor girl was so sad about not seeing her friends and she absolutely loves school. Thankfully, our mixed family was able to communicate and decide what was best for her. So now, stressful as the school season is, I couldn’t be happier. My stepdaughter is beyond excited to be back in school and to be learning and, of course, she loves getting dressed up for school. (Be on the lookout for a back-to-school outfit post!)

Switching Up My Diet

Another thing that is setting me a little off my rocker is my eating habits. For a while I was eating the same thing every single day and I just got tired of it. All last week, I was eating whatever I wanted which lead to me feeling ill and gross and tired. If you are or ever have been on a diet, you know that getting back onto that healthy wagon is a lot harder than falling off. So I’ve been switching things up with some different fruit and trying new recipes for dinners. It’s a constant battle I wage, but it’s one I will win.


I guess it’s not really a reading slump just taking a week off, but for me it’s enough to slow down my game. This month I need to catch up on NetGalley ARCS and get those reviews written and submitted. I’ve fallen a bit behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge, so I’ve incorporated some quick reads into my TBR to catch myself back up.

I am also looking for more reading recommendations through Bookstagram and BookTube. If you have any upcoming releases you’d like to recommend, leave them in the comments!

NaNoWriMo is Coming!

Even though November is still two months off, the season is coming and I need to get prepared. I haven’t won a NaNo month since I first started a few years ago. Every year, I find an excuse to not write and it’s pathetic. This year I will be properly prepared. Or hang up my NaNo hat for good……

Stay Tuned……..

I will have more content coming starting next week. Like I mentioned above, I’ve been working on some back-to-school posts and I will have more book reviews coming. Thank you all for your continued support and love! Until next time………

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