Book Review: Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

Title: Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy

Author: Caitlin Crews

Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

Publish Date: July 30, 2019

Format: ebook

My Star Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

*I received a copy of this ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review*

Short Synopsis:

The second in Caitlin Crew’s Cold River Ranch series follows Hannah Monroe, ex Rodeo Queen, who arrives at the ranch ready to ask for a divorce from her husband, Ty Everett. She finds that it’s much harder cut ties and leave when he doesn’t even know who she is.

Ty Everett was lucky to walk away from his last bull ride with his life, but in the process lost the last two years of his memory, which happens to include his entire relationship with a beautiful stranger claiming to be his wife. While he may not remember her, he knows deep down he’s not willing to let her just walk away.

My Thoughts:

It took me a little bit to really feel attached to the relationship between these two characters. There was a lot of pushing each other away after they spent so much time trying to find the love they once shared, and that is what really annoyed me. Ty’s personality was very much “let me put on this false smile while inside I’m a mess”. I hated that he thought himself to be just like his father (the famous mean drunk, Amos Everett) and would only chase away his family.

There seemed to be a lot of talking/dialogue in this book and, while the writing was excellent, I wished to be “shown” more instead of told. Something as simple as the weather or going about running the ranch and the physical actions that took.

Of course, I loved seeing Abby and Gray and seeing their relationship still going strong. I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for the third brother, Brady. While a “city” boy, he seems like he has a lot to offer to Cold River Ranch.

Would I Recommend:

This is my second book of Caitlin Crew’s that I’ve ever read, the first being A True Cowboy Christmas (Cold River Ranch #1). Her writing is as amazing as I remember, and even while I was annoyed with the characters, she still had the power to bring out emotions in me as I was reading and I love that quality in a writer. So, yes I definitely recommend this!

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