May Reading Goals

Hello readers! May is off to an amazing start for me, minus the whole quarantine crisis currently going on. If you haven’t already, check out my previous post where I shared with you my fitness challenge that I’m taking on. So far, I am killing it and I can already see so much positive change in my body and mentality.

But you’re here for my reading goals for May so let’s jump right into it.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I normally post a TBR, or list of books that I want to read for that month. It’s almost 50/50 on whether or not I actually read every book on that list. I’ve actually gone back through every TBR post I’ve made and there are about 20 books that I haven’t gotten around to reading. So, this month, I’m not doing a TBR.


Due to my fitness challenge and school, I know I won’t have a lot of extra time to read. This is also my birthday month, so I plan on keeping it pretty chill for May. I have actually been watching a lot of BookTube recommendations from some of my favorite YouTubers like Jessica from PeaceLoveBooksxo and Riley Marie. Needless to say, I’ve downloaded a ton of ebooks onto my ipad and I honestly don’t know where to start because the synopsis for all of them are amazing!

That being said, my only real goal for this month is to read 10 books, which I know doesn’t sound simple but there was a book I loved so much that I read it in a day and I’m halfway through the next. If I read more then that would be awesome.

Also, I have been super into bad boy/enemies to lovers romance lately. If you have any recommended reads for these categories, please leave them in the comments or DM me on Instagram!

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