Another Day In The Life: A Very Productive Day

Hello readers! I’m back today with another day in my life as you all seemed to really enjoy my previous day in the life post. The day I decided to do this was a normal day that I had off work, however my step-daughter did have a virtual school day so we were all up bright and early. Also, read through for a dinner recipe to try!

Wake Up

My husband was actually the first one up on this morning so he let me sleep a little while longer while he got his daughter up for school. By eight o’clock, though, we were all up and ready to go about our day. The last few days I haven’t been very productive as I was really focusing on my mental health coming off a bad weekend at work. The day before this I actually spent the majority of the day on YouTube and working out. Needless to say, if you’re a mom, you know if you take one day off things start to mound up. So I had a busy day ahead of me.

After taking care of my skin and teeth, I got dressed for the day. My husband bought me this really cute set from Gymshark as part of my Valentine’s Day present. I am not a huge chocolates and flowers kind of girl, so I would prefer getting new gym clothes any day. Once dressed, I went downstairs to make sure my pets had their breakfast before heading to my office. It has been so cold where I live and so first thing in the morning my husband and I will go into our offices and his game room and turn on the heat. I also knew that I wanted to do this blog post on this day, so I spent a little bit setting that up so that I could just edit it as the day went on.

Morning Workout

Even though my office was pretty toasty and so comfortable at this point, I was so determined to make today a productive day. My husband wasn’t feeling very well this morning so I made sure he was okay before heading downstairs for my morning workout. I had taken an extra rest day last week, so I actually had to get two workouts in this day knowing that I would need my two rest days this week because of my period coming up. I struggled through the first one and had to rest towards the end for an extra five minutes as those pre-cramps were starting to creep in. But I finished and that’s what counts! Today was the first day where the program went in to a true Tabata, so 20 seconds of cardio and 10 seconds of rest. I have never been a fan of cardio and this just made it suck so much more. Ladies, you know…….if you have a chest or a bootie, that’s a lot of weight that’s going to be bouncing up and down when doing those high knees. After my workout, I immediately went upstairs to check on my husband. It turns out he needed some extra sleep and some Tylenol to get rid of his headache and then he was fine.

School Work

For me, it’s not a productive day unless I get at least some of my school work accomplished. If you’re new here, I’m currently attending online classes at Southern New Hampshire University to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. I can only go part-time because I have a full-time job and a family and other outside projects, so anything more than one class per term would just stress me out more than I need to be. I only have two more weeks of this term and am currently wrapping up the project I’ve been working on during this course. It took me longer than I was hoping it would, however I did get almost everything done for the week that I needed to get done. While I was doing schoolwork, I made sure that I was drinking my post-workout protein shake.


After getting my school work done, I started in on some blog posts that I’ve been wanting to get to. I feel like I’ve really been focusing on my weight-loss journey on my blog lately and not really showing that much of other parts of my life. Something that I haven’t touched on in a long time is my writing and where I’m at with my writing projects. If I’m being honest with myself, I haven’t had that much inspiration or motivation to want to sit down and write, hence it being put on the back burner. It is something that I am slowly trying to get back into. If you’re a writer, you know that our characters can only be silenced for so long before they start to get restless. I guess that’s where I’m at right now. So that is one thing I’m trying to work on in conjunction with my weightloss content. Of course, I also had planned some more weights-loss related content that I wanted to work on this weekend.


Protein shake aside, I didn’t have anything since I woke up except water. Normally on my days off I won’t break my fast until around noon. For lunch I had leftovers from the night before. It was so good and so simple to make. To make it I used four carrots that we shaved down and then chopped into smaller pieces, two chopped celery stalks. I sautéed them both in a pan with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. The carrots, being thinner, ended up being cooked a little past what I had originally wanted them, but they had such an amazing toasted flavor that my step-daughter and I were eating them right out of the pan. That’s saying something because neither one of us like carrots. While this was all going on, we air fried three pieces of Tyson Air Fried Chicken and boiled a bag of noodles. Later we added the carrots and celery, a bag of frozen peas, and 1.5 cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup, as well as the chicken that we chopped into pieces. I was not expecting it to turn out good but the whole family actually enjoyed it. My husband and step-daughter do not like eating vegetables so this was my way of sneaking some in. I had a big serving of that at lunch while watching some TV reruns and YouTube.

House Chores

I wanted to get another workout in this day but I knew I needed to let my lunch digest if I wanted to perform at my best. So I decided to utilize my time by getting some house chores done. I didn’t have that much laundry to do but I had a pile waiting on my bed to put away. My husband came up and helped put away his stuff so it didn’t take that long. We also didn’t make our bed this morning so we did it after we finished the clothes. I also ran the dishwasher last night so I put those away and started another load. We had to work the next two days so, of course, we did a little bit of meal prep. I just packed up some of the leftovers from that casserole that I made and packed up some of this protein cereal that I found from Special K. So delicious. To go along with the cereal, I filled up my step-daughter’s little Hydro Flask (that she had to have but never uses) and put my oat milk in there. I wasn’t going crazy with my lunches as I am currently working on tailoring a meal plan for myself and I was trying to get rid of some of the things in the fridge and pantry. Also, TMI, but it was getting super close to my period and my appetite is very inconsistent when that happens. I didn’t want to waste so much time making fancy lunches that I wouldn’t be able to eat anyways. I figured if it started I could always freeze the leftover containers and it wouldn’t go to waste. I also took this time to tidy up my office just a little bit. I had books piled on the floor and my trash can was literally over flowing. I didn’t do much but made it so that I could actually use my office without stepping on something.

Second Workout of the Day

Exposing myself a little here but I wanted to share my hair is usually an expression of my mood. I was dead after that workout.

By this time it’s about 2:30 in the afternoon and a few hours have passed since I ate. I was already feeling that afternoon slump so I decided that I needed to get my second workout in before I grew too tired. I didn’t want to do another shot of pre-workout this late in the day so instead I made a little shaker of these Gatorade packets that I keep stocked in my supplement cabinet. This second workout was workout 2 of phase 1, week 3 from Beachbody’s 9 Week Control Freak program and consisted of chest and triceps. It said chest and triceps but my quads were on fire! I was literally drenched in sweat by the time I was done. My husband came down and did a little bit of his workout, too, so that was nice having the company. He was watching me doing some of the moves from my workout and he called me insane. I took it as a compliment.

Time to Unwind For the Day

By the end of that second workout, I was so sore and just exhausted. It hurt so bad to stand. That was the sign for me to start unwinding for the day. By four o’clock, I was showered and in my jammies for the evening. Not going to share that in photo evidence because all my jammies are now too big for me and make me look like I have a diaper bootie. I decided to relax a little bit more with some TV and more of that amazing casserole that I made. I finished the night watching TV and reading before finally packing it in for the evening.

I had originally wanted this to be a healthy and productive day in the life type of blog, but I was starting to feel that pre-period slump almost from the moment that I woke up. That being said, I was extremely proud of myself for keeping moving all day. I feel that blogging my actions on this day is what really kept me motivated to fight through. But that is it for me for today. Thank you so much for reading! If you like this kind of content and want to see more, be sure to follow, like, or leave a comment. I appreciate you all more than you know. Until next time………….

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