Trying New Water Bottles: Super Sparrow

Hi guys! As the title suggests, I got to try some new water bottles! The company Super Sparrow contacted me through Instagram asking if I would like to try and review some of their water bottles. After looking in to their products and finding them to be a legit company, I agreed and chose two water bottles from them to test.

Super Sparrow

This company is a verified Amazon seller that backs their product with a satisfaction guarantee. If there is a quality issue with the bottle within one year of buying they will replace it. They also will replace quality issues with accessories for life. Now Amazon is saturated with water bottles with different looks and branding. Their water bottles rank #571 in Amazon’s water bottle ranking. The only thing I can speak on is their social media marketing team (or whatever it’s called) that contacted me. They were very respectful and professional which is a plus in my book.

12 oz. Bottle

I dove in to the 12 oz. Super Sparrow sports water bottle in mint first, as my step-daughter saw it and immediately claimed it. The size of this bottle is perfect for little kids. It has a strap on the side for holding and carrying. Measurements are on the side in ml. as well as oz. The lid has a latching mechanism that keeps the lid securely closed. It is plastic, but I appreciate how easy it is to latch it open and closed. This also makes it easier for a child to use it. The button to flip the lid up is also easy to push. When you take the lid off, there is a plastic mesh that can be removed. When trying this out, I put slices of lemon in the bottle and found this piece clutch in keeping me from sucking up little seeds that were in there. When I removed the plastic piece there were two things on the inside. Obviously the little silicone packet that comes in a lot of things I threw away immediately. Then there was this little baggie with two rubber pieces. It took me a little bit, as there were no additional instructions but I found they are replacements for the lid.

I am rough with my things, so I put them through the test. I shook it. I kicked it. I threw it across the room. Let me say this little bottle is tough. Now, I did clean this by hand, which is something I don’t normally do as I’m lazy and frankly don’t necessarily have time for that. I also want my step-daughter to get a little bit of use out of it before I throw fate to the wind and put it in the dishwasher for the ultimate test.

32 oz. Bottle

This second bottle was Super Sparrow’s 32 oz. insulated stainless steel standard mouth water bottle in lilac purple. Right away I fell in love with the lid that was on this bottle when I opened it. There is something about a wooden top that I just love. It also comes encased in this sleeve with I will definitely use this summer when I go on my hikes. Also included in the box on this were two straws, a clip, a straw cleaner, and a straw lid. The quality and looks honestly remind me of my Hydro Flask or a Yeti, but much cheaper.

I sent this thing through the same rigorous test as the other bottle. I did notice a few droplets come out of the straw lid when I shook it, but nothing to cry about. If it fell sideways in my truck or fell on my bed, I wouldn’t be worried. A big wow factor for me is that it fits my my cup holders! That has always been a downside for bigger water bottles as I have to put them on the seat or let them bang around in the center console. But these fit! The last challenge for this one……….I sent it through the dishwasher. I noticed a tiny spot that had lightened, maybe the size of my pinky nail. Overall, not enough to make me throw a fit. Their Amazon page does say they are safe for dishwasher but hand washing is recommend (probably for that reason).

Would I Recommend?

I absolutely recommend this water bottle. I did see on their page that they sell the wide mouth bottles as well and they have like a silhouetted shape to make holding them easier. I might purchase one of those for myself. Great quality bottle at an affordable price!

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