Day (off) In The Life: 75 Hard Edition

Hello all! If you’re new here, I am currently participating in one of the most difficult, and popular, fitness/mental challenge ever. 75 Hard. I’m not going to boor you with the details. Check out some of my previous posts to find out more, or just Google it. But I wanted to share with you today a typical day in my life and how I hit the requirements for this challenge. As the title suggests, this is a day off, as in it’s my scheduled day off from work, although a work day post is soon to come!

7:00 AM

Alarms were blaring at this time in the morning as it was a school day for my step daughter. Thankfully, my husband was a little more awake than I was so he was dressed and had them both out the door before I had even finished getting dressed. I was feeling a little more alert and productive than normal, so prior to going downstairs, I loaded up a laundry basket full of clothes and got that going first thing. Of course I went through my normal routine of feeding my oldest cat his special food and making sure my pup (she’s full grown) has her morning treats. Seriously, the animals and child in my house are beyond spoiled at this point. After they are fed, I make my ritual pre-workout and start sipping that as I go about my morning leading up to my workout.

Normally, I will jump right into my morning workout the moment I get downstairs. I find the less I stop to think about it, the less my inner procrastination can come up with excuses why I could hold off. However, on this morning I did have a stack of bills that I absolutely had to get to before the day ran away from me (again). So I went to my office and got that out of the way. While I’m doing this, I am slowly stretching out my legs and back, making sure that my joints aren’t kinked up so I don’t cause injury heading into my workout.

Morning Workout

After I finished adulting, I was ready to relieve some stress so it was time to head to the basement for my morning workout. Today was 9 Week Control Freak, Phase 1, Week 3, Workout 3, Tabata Cardio. I know that is a lot of words for a workout, but I love this program and am seeing serious results, especially as I’m doing it every single day (instead of taking the integrated rest days). If you’re familiar with the program, today’s tracker read:

Side Run Ups 17, Scorpions 13, Power Knees 13, Mountain Climbers 39, Squat Jumps 14, High Knees 64, Figure Four Crunch 18, Modified Bowling Ball 17, Sumo Squat Jumps 17, Jump Shots 21, Football Fast Feet 110, Modified Squat Jacks without step 16, Reverse Crunch 16, Scissor Crunch w/ Oblique Crunch 14. The workout was only 25 minutes total so I finished up the last 20 minutes (75 Hard requires 45 minutes per workout) on the treadmill on an incline.

Productive Rest Period

According to Andy Frisella, the creator of the 75 Hard challenge, he recommends at least 3-4 hours in between each workout. So after my first workout, I use this time as a rest period, which basically means catch up on my other adult things like dishes and clothes and homework and the million other things that pile up over the days.

So today I grabbed a quick snack right after my workout and sat and caught up on some of my YouTube subscriptions. By 10:30 I was ready for my first official meal of the day. It was a rather large breakfast with waffles, fruit, and eggs but when I have larger meals like that then I stay fuller longer and it eliminates my need to snack. After breakfast I did another load of laundry and cleared out the sink from the dishes that I have been neglecting. I also meal prepped my food for work the next day. My meals at work have been a lot more simple than they were over the winter. I’m starting to crave salads again and fruit. Basically cold food as the weather heats up. It makes it a lot easier to meal prep but I also can’t make that many meals ahead.

Amidst all the house chores (and waiting for my ear buds to charge), I picked up my next non-fiction/ self-help book called Bare by Susan Hyatt. I am only a little bit in but I am loving it!

I do want to point out that I am absolutely loving the motivation that comes with this 75 Hard challenge. I am getting so much more stuff done throughout the day. Almost like I’m at a race with myself to see how much I can get done in between my workouts. Let me tell you, it’s a lot. Prior to starting this program, I would maybe work out in the morning (if I felt like it) and then pass the time away with an unhealthy amount of YouTube and Tik Tok.

Second Workout

My second workout of the day is almost always a 45 minute walk around my neighborhood. It’s pretty flat with only one major hill, depending on which route I take. Today it was just me and my dog so I popped in my earbuds and listened to some vibey music. Walking with my dog is like an added workout as she likes to pull hard, especially is she sees other dogs. She’s slowly getting better and getting used to the walk so hopefully she’ll grow out of it.

As soon as I came back, I started in on my lunch, which was a salad from Olive Garden that I had left over from our anniversary dinner. I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing as we had to rush out the door to go pick up my step daughter from school. As soon as we got back, however, I reheated a dish of leftover tortellini from a few days before.

Winding Down

By 4:00 I was ready to start winding down for the evening. I did work in my office on some content for a little bit as well as planning some upcoming posts. I have really been slacking on my reading for the month from my TBR list. I’ve picked up two different books but I just wasn’t feeling either one. So I was determined tonight to snuggle into bed early and read. I’m also sipping on my last bottle of water for the day to reach my daily intake of 128 oz.

After a quick dinner it was time to shower and relax with The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas before bed!

I hope you enjoyed this look into a day of my life doing the 75 Hard challenge. I purposefully didn’t get into too much detail on the food I was eating as I have a post going up soon showing a typical what I eat in a day. I also did not work on any homework today as I was trying to just relax after having a rough week last week. Today was more of a day to get caught up on some house chores and content.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time……….

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