Workouts of the Week: 75 Hard Days 26-32

Hello all! This week has flown by. I feel like I have taken my health and fitness to a higher level. I intensified my workouts by going from 45 minutes to an hour for most of them. I bumped up in weights for most of the moves that I do in the Beachbody program that I’m following. When I’m on the treadmill, I also find myself wanting to just all out sprint. I’ve had off work this past week and have been waking up naturally so I don’t know if this increased energy and stamina is from more sleep. I push harder and want to go longer in my workouts. That being said, I want to start eating in a deficit starting this upcoming week and just eat cleaner. I’ve been more in “maintenance” mode and while it’s worked for me, especially as I don’t always feel like I have a healthy relationship with food, it’s not really in line with my goals. More on that in the days to come. For now, here are the workouts for this week!

Workouts of the Week

*For those that are new, 9WCF stands for 9 Week Control Freak, a Beachbody program. In the regular program, there are two integrated rest days per week. Doing 75 Hard, I obviously am cutting those out.

Monday – Day 26Tuesday – Day 27Wednesday – Day 28Thursday – Day 29Friday – Day 30Saturday – Day 31Sunday – Day 32
9WCF: Phase 2, Week 3, Workout 1: Tabata Cardio 9WCF: Phase 2, Week 3, Workout 2: Shoulders 9WCF: Phase 2, Week 3, Workout 3: Biceps & Triceps 9WCF: Phase 2, Week 3, Workout 4: Total Body Tone 9WCF: Phase 2, Week 3, Workout 5: Back & Chest 9WCF: Phase 3, Week 1, Workout 1: Back & Legs 9WCF: Phase 3, Week 1, Workout 2: Tabata Cardio
30 Minutes Treadmill 25 Minutes Treadmill 25 Minutes Treadmill 10 Minutes Treadmill 10 Minutes Treadmill 25 Minutes Treadmill 35 Minutes Treadmill
Bonus: Abs Bonus: Abs Bonus: Abs Bonus: Abs Bonus: Abs
1 Hour Walk 1 Hour Walk 1 Hour Walk 45 Minute Walk45 Minute Walk 1 Hour Walk 1 Hour Walk
Controlled StretchControlled Stretch Controlled Stretch Controlled Stretch Controlled Stretch Controlled Stretch Controlled Stretch


I use the treadmill to round out my 45-60 minute workouts in the morning. What I do is load up a playlist that I made on my phone and I use that to judge my pace. I will run/sprint for one song and then walk/speed walk for the next and just go back and forth. When I do walk, I started doing it on an incline. I change it depending on how my calves are feeling as well as what part of me I’m trying to burn. I find when I put it on 8, it is at the perfect level to work that part where your leg meets your glutes. It feels so good. I have been noticing that some of the width of my hips is starting to slim down just every so slightly and my butt is a little more lifted. As someone who has struggled with body image my whole life because of the size and shape of my butt, I notice little things like that and it gives me renewed energy to keep going.

Bonus Workouts

This week I really want to focus my extra time on my abs, specifically my lower belly pouch. Again, I am seeing progress in my upper abs, but that darned pouch…..

Afternoon/Evening Walk

My walks are honestly my favorite thing. I am speeding up my time to a very brisk walk. Using Google Maps, I figured out that the route that I normally take is about 3 miles. I do want to extend that as I continue this as well as pick up the pace to a light jog eventually. These walks are (normally) my time that I can get out of the house and just be by myself with my music and my thoughts. I kind of feel like this is what’s helped with my creativity level lately as well because it just let’s me destress and focus on me.

Before I leave this for the evening, I want to remind you that even if you are following this program or any other fitness program, you are beautiful no matter what. I am doing this for me and my health, not because someone else doesn’t like the way I look. Never change who you are for someone else. If they can’t accept you for who you are, they aren’t worth it!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this. Follow or like to see more and until next time…………..

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