Workouts of the Week: 75 Hard Days 47-53

Hello all! This is going up mid-week again. I haven’t fallen off track in any way. It’s just one of those times where the week got away from me. At the time that this is going live, I have officially finished 9 Week Control Freak. I actually cried when I finished the last workout. That program was so amazing! Currently, I am doing the Freak Week that comes with the program (for Nutrition +). I already mentioned before that I will be doing 80 Day Obsession eventually.

This Week’s Workouts

Monday – Day 47Tuesday – Day 48Wednesday – Day 49Thursday – Day 50Friday – Day 51Saturday – Day 52Sunday – Day 53
9WCF: Phase 3, Week 3, Workout 4: Chest & Triceps9WCF: Phase 3, Week 3, Workout 5: Shoulders & Biceps9WCF: Freak Week: Chest & Triceps9WCF: Freak Week: Biceps & Shoulders9WCF: Freak Week: Tabata Cardio 9WCF: Freak Week: Back9WCF: Freak Week: Total Body Tone
10 Minutes Treadmill10 Minutes Treadmill 22 Minutes Treadmill 26 Minutes Treadmill 15 Minutes Treadmill 10 Minutes Treadmill 9 Minutes Treadmill
45 Minutes Basketball45 Minute Walk50 Minute Walk60 Minute Walk45 Minute Walk45 Minute Basketball45 Minute Walk

I will give a more in-depth update next week as some exciting things are happening!

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