Health and Fitness Goals for July: It’s Go TIme Baby

My ultimate goal is to be the healthiest version of myself. And that means taking care of my body and not destroying it and my mental health. So while I really love working out twice a day and going hard core, I have to re-evaluate. I really had to take a step back this past week and kind of reflect on why I was doing 75 Hard in the first place. The biggest issue that I keep running into is fitting everything I need to do into 24 hours and still get enough sleep to function the next day. So my biggest goal for this month is to get better at scheduling everything.


I still fully intend on working out twice a day, every day for 45 minutes each. Two days out of the week will be a gym workout. I have a complete upper and lower body circuit that I love doing when I go to Planet Fitness. It’s so fun and takes about two hours to get it done. Needless to say, gym days will only be on my days off. The other five days out of the week, I’ll be working out in my basement using Beachbody On Demand. I am on my second round of 9 Week Control Freak. There is a new program coming out, 645, that drops on July 19th that I fully intend on starting on launch day. My second workout of the day is still either a 45 minute walk, playing softball, basketball, or swimming (depending on the intensity at work as well as the weather). I want to get better at jogging. Back in May, I was doing so good with that but then the weather shifted and now walking outside just knocks the breath out of me. So I may switch it up to a treadmill, but either way, I still want to start training to run again. I’ve been using the Conqueror app to help kind of boost my motivation for walking, too, and it has been a huge help.

Something else that I want to try is following certain influencer’s fitness programs. Fit and Functional from Kelly Yager is probably one of those that I am most interested in trying. I also want to get better at tracking my progress as it pertains to increase my weights and distance.


For the most part, I have been on track with my nutrition. I really have to stay on top of my hydration. One thing I noticed is that when I don’t hit my water goal, that’s when I’m most likely to binge. Mentally, I’m starving but in reality I just need to hydrate. I do need to dial it in just a little. This past week, I got really lazy and started reaching for those freezer meals that are oh so good but not exactly the best for you. Something that I’ve shied away from is counting calories. Well that is something I am going to reintroduce just for this month.

Let’s Play the Number Game

  • Workout 2x a day, 45 minutes each, 7 days a week
  • Reach for 10 miles a day (if you saw how much I have to walk at work, you’d understand this is not a crazy number)
  • Not 75 Hard, but 31 Hard (let’s see how we do this month. 31 days seems more achievable mentally than 75)
  • Shoot for 1600-1700 calories per day (this is enough calories to fuel my body while also still maintaining a deficit to lose weight)
  • 128 oz of water every day

This is going to be an insane month for me. But, if you know me, then it’s always been go big or go home. I’m not afraid of failing. I’m afraid of not trying. As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time……………

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