Summer Morning Routine

My favorite posts to see on YouTube as well as blogs are routines. Hair routine, morning routine, night routine….doesn’t matter I love them. So I wanted to share with you all my summer morning routine.

Waking Up

With me working full-time and going to school year round, I am usually still an early morning riser even in the summer. My days off I like to sleep in just a little so my normal wake-up time is about 0700-0800. I will grab an outfit and my water bottle and phone and head downstairs. I will make my pre-workout and pump mix in my shaker bottle. Normally I will just mix it with water and that’s all, however, it is summer so I’ve actually been adding ice to almost everything that I drink. Before I head to the basement for my morning workout, I have to give Goober his breakfast and make sure all the water dishes are filled.


I have been loving doing a cardio/strength split type of workout. I mentioned in my post for my July Fitness Goals that I was still working out 2x a day for 45 minutes. I was on my second round of 9 Week Control Freak through Beachbody, but I did stop at around the third week. I loved it, but I felt like I was in a rut doing the same thing every day and I needed something new. The 645 program that I want to try drops on the 19th which I am so excited for. The sample workout was so fun and is set up in such a way that I feel I won’t get bored.

While I wait for that to drop, I have been following Kelly Yager’s Fit & Functional Q3 Guide. I start with 5 minutes of stretching followed by a warm up on the treadmill of anywhere from 15-30 minutes doing a mixture of sprints, walking, and incline. From there, I jump right in to F&F Guide (this day was back/biceps). And I round out my workout with another 15 minutes of steady walking on the treadmill.


As soon as I am finished with my workout, I try to get my protein shake in right away. Nothing extravagant, just protein powder and water. While I sip on that, I will get some minor chores done like loading the dishwasher and putting clothes in the washer. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of tidying up here and there a little each morning. It just really saves me from having to spend an entire day off cleaning my house.

Once I’m satisfied that I’ve got enough of a head start on my day, I will finally grab my shower and get ready for the day. I have recently switched from using Clinique skincare products to Tula and I have seen a dramatic change in my skin. The products honestly just feel lighter as well and very well suited for summer.

Being Productive

After my shower, I will head to my office to plan out my day. I mainly use my Erin Condren monthly planner as well as a lined notebook for my planning. I generally just need an overview of any upcoming bills due and appointments and from there I just make myself a massive to-do list for the day. I also did order a new one as well as a new notebook from Erin Condren, so I can’t wait for those to come in.

As I mentioned before, I am enrolled in online classes for which I go year-round. Even though it’s summer, I still have to have my priorities in line. So I will spend about an hour or so carving out a chunk of my school work for the week. Once I’ve finished that, I move right into my content creating portion of the day. I am so proud of myself for getting better at scheduling and making the time to work on content for the blog. Certainly, this is where creating a morning routine has been the most effective as it increases my productivity.


Since I have been intermittent fasting, my breakfast is more around lunch time. I like to mix it up with what I have. Sometimes I’ll have a fresh salad and other times I’m craving breakfast food. It just really depends on my mood. I will also take my vitamins at this time.

During this “break” I eat in my office just because it is cooler in there. We are in the heat of the summer now and I really cannot force myself to eat in a room that’s too warm. So I eat at my desk and will put some YouTube on for some content inspiration. I’ll also read during this time as well.

Continuing My Productive Day

Usually any day that I have off will start off like this. After my first meal of the day is when things start to go a little off course just because my step-daughter is home and will be bugging to go swimming or my husband needs help with some of his projects. We’ve been remodeling like crazy. Recently, we just finished my step-daughter’s bedroom. Now, we are redoing the outside deck.

To see more about my journey and my days, be sure to like and follow the blog as well as my Instagram. I do have some “days in the life” planned to go up later this month so stick around! Thank you so much for reading and until next time……….

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