Let’s Talk About “That Girl” Trend

About a month ago, I started seeing articles popping up more and more on my feeds about the popular “that girl” trend that (apparently) blew up on Tik Tok. I actually deleted the app from my phone, not because I thought the app was toxic, but I noticed that I was wasting a lot of my time by aimlessly watching these short skits that would make me laugh. So I don’t have anything against the app, it just wasn’t conductive to my day. But I digress. This trend, which started on Tik Tok, made it’s way to YouTube, which is how I found it. Some of my favorite influencers started posting about it and showing us their version of how to become “that girl”.

What does it mean to be “that girl”?

This trend seems to be a Pinterest-inspired version of what the perfect day or routine should look like. But in a healthy way. It’s all about self-reflection and self-care and being productive and positive. Just like the VSCO girl, there are certain “accessories” or requirements that are part of “that girl’s” routine. These include coffee, a journal, avocado toast, and stylish environments. So these girls wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the ground running. Literally. They are up and have their bed made and get a workout in. They practice self-care and take the time to journal. They tackle their chores first thing in the morning. All before 8 am. Just kidding. But the trend does seem to push for an earlier-than-normal wake up time.


Like most trends, you either really like this trend or you think it’s toxic. Some people think that it’s great because it is inspiring to live your “best life” and be the healthiest version of you. On the other hand, there are some who think it’s really toxic. This trend is supposed to be about self-reflection and self-care. However, there are some that say these posts inspire a lot of jealousy. They say that the lifestyle this portrays is unachievable. To be “that girl” you have to have that Pinterest-perfect life with bougie breakfasts and that photo-genic latte. It’s hard to show lead this type of life when people live such busy lives with jobs and kids. Sometimes it doesn’t always seem feasible to live like “that girl”.

My interpretation of this trend.

Over the past year, as I’ve increasingly seen progress along my fitness journey, I keep getting asked what’s my secret. When I share that I work out twice a day (waking up at 3 in the morning to do so), I watch what I eat, and I’d rather stay home and read than go out and drink, I am labeled as “that girl”. The girl who has her shit together. Let me tell you, though, I am so far from having my shit together it’s not funny. Truly. But I am dedicated to living the healthiest and happiest life that I can.

When I see influencers walk through their “that girl” routines, I stop and scratch my head, because they look the same as their normal routines. I think this “trend” has been around longer than people think, it’s only now just being labeled because of social media. I also really need to stop calling this a trend, because I think of it as forming habits.

I’m going to come right out and say I don’t think that being “that girl” is toxic. I think people believing they have to have that Pinterest aesthetic is toxic. I think that when we say that the posts that show following certain “guidelines” as being “that girl” is toxic. I will admit that I believe waking up earlier to work out starts off my day on a productive foot. I don’t think you need to have that perfect green avocado toast sprinkled with the right amount of “Everything Bagel” seasoning for breakfast to be “that girl”. I don’t think you need to spend hours journaling in order to follow self-reflection.

Am I “that girl”?

I think that being “that girl” is about being happy and healthy and not worrying about proving it on social media. Even as I write this, I am bloated AF and wearing my husband’s baggy-ass shirt. Meanwhile my plate from lunch and an empty energy drink can is stacked on the floor next to my chair. That’s what influencers don’t share. But I’m happy and doing my best to live a healthy life.

With that interpretation in mind, sure, I would consider myself “that girl”. I wake up early AF to work out every morning. I don’t exactly have time to journal, but on mornings I don’t work I love to spend some time reading. That’s my version of self-reflection/mental care. My breakfasts aren’t exactly picture perfect but they’re healthy (for the most part). Coffee isn’t an every day thing for me anymore, especially as I’m usually consuming pre-workout first thing upon waking. I have mentioned before that I think self-care is really important to me. I don’t think that anyone actually wants to break out with acne all over, especially as more and more mask mandates are going away. So, yes, for the most part, I have my life together as far as my health is concerned. But my life is definitely far from perfect and I don’t pretend otherwise.

What are your thoughts?

I know this trend has sparked a lot of opposing opinions across the internet, so I’m curious as to what you think of “that girl”. Let me know! As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time………….

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