Trying New Athletic Wear Companies: Alphalete

I am an avid Gymshark fan. I’ll come right out and say it. However, I wanted to start branching out and trying different brands. If all goes well, this could be a monthly thing? We’ll see.

What Am I Judging?

When I look at athletic wear, I look at style, variety, pricing, shipping, and most importantly the fit. Some companies have excellent shipping but poor quality and vice versa. So, let’s see how this company holds up.


Alphalete had a decent variety of styles and colors. Their sizing range from XXS to XXL. The website does state that they restock their most popular items. I am not sure how often they drop new items. That being said, there is a “coming soon” page where you can sneak peak their upcoming items. I am also a big fan of the different colors and styles. I like that they have bright colors and neutral colors, shortie shorts and biker shorts. Their cropped shirts were a balm to my summer soul!


From what I’ve seen, their prices are average for athletic wear companies. They do have a section dedicated to sale items. As one would expect, they seem to be lingering items they are trying to get rid of, so sizes are pretty limited with these items.


Orders over $150 qualify for free standard shipping. If you’re only buying a single item, then it calculates your shipping costs depending on your location. So pretty standard. However, my order total was $159.60 so it shipped free. That being said, I placed my order on July 4. It was shipped July 6. By July 8 it was delivered with 2-Day UPS shipping. I’m an inpatient person, so that was seriously a great start for me becoming a returning customer.


I am obsessed with the quality of their clothes. If you’ve ever been in American Eagle and felt their ultra soft shirts, that is the quality of their material. In my mind, that is enough to justify the price of these items. The logo on the biker shorts and the cropped tank are that bubbled rubber material which really adds to that luxury vibe. The biker shorts and cropped tank had tear away tags while the cropped tee shirt had the stamped care/size instructions. The bra was the only one without either, but the tag wasn’t that big and wasn’t made out of that itchy material. You know the kind. Where you have to constantly bend your arm behind your back to practically itch your back raw, especially once you start to sweat.


Before I get into specifics, I wanted to share my sizes. I am basically a medium in everything. Some shirts, depending on the style, I could go small. On the other hand, depending on the material of the pants, sometimes my sizing is a large in bottoms. Everything that I ordered from Alphalete is in a size medium.

Amplify Bra

I loved the look and feel of this. The straps don’t dig in, nor does it suffocate me around the chest like some sports bras do. I do feel like I could have gone down to a small in this, just because the material is super stretchy. This is more ideal for lifting or light to moderate exercise, depending on your chest size. Still, this is one of the softest sports bras I now own and is definitely one of my favorites.

Ultrasoft Thrive Tank

This is by far my favorite piece out of this haul. The softest of the lot, by far. I had my husband feel the material and his words were “It feels like a damn kitten.” My favorite crop of all time! It is the perfect fit and color. Simple yet sexy. And it is the perfect cropped length for me as well. Very true to size and also very form fitting. There is a lot of stretch to this material, so I would say there is no need to size up.

Signature Fitted Crop

This is a fitted crop, so it’s not that loose but not as form fitting as the Thrive Tank. The material is also a little thicker, more like a traditional T-shirt. I could still work out in this, but I really love the casual look this gives to an outfit. This was also one of their sale items. I’m not sure if that means once it’s gone it’s gone or if this is one they frequently restock. Either way, definitely another clutch for the summer.

Alphalux Harmony Biker Shorts

I am really picky with shorts and length due to the size of my hips and thighs. Too short, and they become shorty shorts real fast. Too long, and they make my legs look stumpy and awkward. I would say that these are almost the perfect length, albeit half an inch too long. That was easily remedied by pulling them up just a tad. When I worked out, they didn’t move at all, which I loved. Normally I spend my entire workout picking a wedgie or hiking up my pants. With these, there was neither. Another thing that I loved about these was that there was no front inseam and delicious contours on the back waistband. They were nice and supportive without being overly compressive. High-waisted, which I love. Also had that soft material that the other clothing had.

Overall Thoughts

I will definitely be a returning customer. I would love to try out one of their hoodies and leggings as well. I want to say, none of this was sponsored, though I would love to become one of their affiliates. The quality of these items was out of this world. Would definitely recommend!

What should I try next?

Let me know in the comments what athletic wear company I should try next. If you like this kind of content, hit that like button and be sure to follow for more. Thank you so much for reading and until next time…….

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