Day In The Life: Recovering From Covid

This past week has been absolute hell. Getting Covid was the last thing I needed to deal with. I spent the entire weekend barely able to move and practically coughing up my lungs. It’s been almost a week since my first symptoms started, first coughing, then fever and eventually loss of taste and smell. I’m far from better, but I refuse to let this damn virus knock me down anymore. When I woke up this morning, I figured this was my day to start taking back control. So, welcome to another day in my life and how I got about my day recovering from the Covid-19 virus. (Also, yes I will definitely be sucking it up and getting the vaccine after this, because this sucks.)


Being quarantined at home means that my sleep schedule has been all over the place. I didn’t wake up this morning until around 10:00 am. I threw on a workout outfit and went downstairs. Today I was wearing my new favorite shorts from Alphalete. If you haven’t already, check out my review of their clothes. Seriously love them. I got my “children” their breakfast, made some pre-workout and pump and headed to the basement for a workout. I did get the early access to the 645 program that just dropped Monday on Beachbody. However, I felt that I wanted to push myself even more, so I settled for a shoulders & abs workout from Kelly Yager’s Fit & Functional Q3 Guide. I was sweating so bad, I loved it. Even though it was an upper body workout, I spent a long time afterward stretching out my legs. Yesterday I pushed myself and went for 2 hour-long walks, walking the first and jogging off and on the second. Like I said, I am done letting Covid lay me up anymore. My lungs felt tight, but I was careful not to push too hard.


By the time I finished my workout, it was already noon. This is really one of the reasons why I don’t like sleeping in so late. But, I made my protein shake, took more of my medication to help with the coughing, and hung out for a little with my husband and step-daughter. She is still going strong with her Cricut game, wanting to sticker everything. I gave her one of my water bottles to decorate. I was pretty impressed, actually. And I love seeing her being so creative. Once I finished my shake, I went upstairs. One thing I absolutely love about working out is getting absolutely drenched in sweat, however, after it starts to cool on my skin, I just feel disgusting. So a shower is a must. Afterward, I felt so much better, dressed in more Gymshark and another item from the Alphalete haul.

I’ve been using these past few days off to focus on my writing again, simultaneously working on character profiles, world-building, and an outline. I know my deadline that I wanted for all three is coming up soon. So I might actually be on track. Afterward, I geared up for my afternoon walk. I have the same path that I go on, which amounts to roughly 4 miles. I was maybe halfway to the turn-around when the sky just opened up and poured on me. So my walk became a sprint to get to the local park to wait out the worst of it. I have to say, it was great motivation to get me running, although I was so sore and just uncomfortable because my clothes and shoes were drenched. As soon as I got home I changed and rested for a few hours. I was really happy that for the first time in a week I was actually hungry and wanted to eat. I have had such a hard time forcing myself to eat. Since getting Covid, my appetite has completely gone out the window. I know it’s depleting me of my energy and stamina and I am trying to fight it, it’s just hard.

Evening – Story time!

At roughly 0600 I went for a second walk, taking the same path that I took earlier. With the rain, it cooled everything down so it wasn’t that bad. I couldn’t go as hard this second time, however, because I felt my lungs started to seize up and I was coughing more. Story time! When I was walking towards my turn around point, I saw no less than five undercover cops and state police flying past me with their lights flashing. I live on a really secluded road, however, it runs kind of parallels with a major highway and I know that when the highway is shut down, they use our road. So I figured there was another accident and they were using our road to get around it. No big deal. However, once I turned around and started going back, I saw fire trucks and ambulances coming towards me. The closer I got to home, I started to see fire police and more officials blocking off part of the road. Here, when I rounded the corner, I saw that a mobile home had partially collapsed. It must have just happened as I passed it on my way through. Afterward, I hurried home the rest of the way, knowing our house sits on the top of the hill overlooking the valley and my husband would have heard all the sirens. He was at the end of our driveway waiting for me.

Once I assured him I was fine and told him what happened we went back inside where I promptly fell asleep in my office chair. I woke up long enough to decide to get in the bath to relax. I was so damn tired and my muscles were more sore than normal. My husband came to wake me up two hours later. I fell asleep in the tub! I took my temperature again later that night. My damn fever was back and so was my cough.

Not exactly an eventful day, and I was back to being laid up the next day.

As always, thank you for reading, and until next time………….

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