Weightloss Update: July 2021

It has been a while since I’ve done an update on my weight loss journey. I have been heavily focused on sharing what I’m eating and my workouts, but I realize I haven’t shared any numbers in a hot minute.

Scale That I Use

If you’re like me and you watch a lot of fitness related content on YouTube, then no doubt you’ve seen at least one ad talking about the latest smart scales that measure body fat and muscle mass and a whole bunch of other numbers. A lot of these scales can cost well over a hundred dollars. Honestly, I feel like that’s a little unnecessary. I purchased my scale from Amazon. It measures so much more than body fat and muscle mass. And it’s great that it cost less than $30.

When I weigh myself, I do it first thing in the morning, after I’ve gone to the bathroom but before I drink anything. I also weigh myself nude so as to get the most accurate reading possible.

Most Recent Numbers

Weight: 160.2 lbs

BMI: 25.8

Body Fat: 36.4%

Overall Progress

Since the beginning of 2021, I have lost a whopping 4.6 lbs. That doesn’t look like a lot, however, I know that I was fluctuating quite a bit as I gained more muscle and tried different things to become more sustainable.

Overall, I have lost 55.7 lbs. This is significant. I may not be at my lowest weight yet, and to some this may not be a large number considering this is taking me years to accomplish. However, I feel that I am the healthiest (Covid aside) that I have ever been. I have not see muscle definition like this since I was 18 years old. I am starting to get my abs back and my legs are the sexiest they have ever been. Now I am not perfect. If you look at my legs, you can still see the dips of cellulite, especially in my thigh area. But I don’t even care. I feel strong and I feel sexy and that’s all that matters to me. It has taken me years to feel comfortable walking in my own neighborhood and has taken even longer to feel comfortable wearing shorts. Now I do both at the same time and I can walk with a little smirk on my lips, because I feel damn good while I do it.

3 thoughts on “Weightloss Update: July 2021

  1. Congrats on your accomplishments. Sometimes, how we feel is more important than the number on the scale. I haven’t dropped a pound since going back to the gym, but I can totally see a difference in my composition.

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    1. I didn’t see the scale move for the longest time but, like you, I noticed my body was changing so much. That’s why I don’t like to stress about the scale anymore.

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