Day In My Life: Being Healthy and Productive

Hello all! I am so glad to report that I am back on my healthy and productive grind. Covid really knocked me out for the count and then work requirements really threw off my schedule. However, I am taking this day to get my life in order! At the same time I am creating this blog, I am working on a What I Eat in a Day since I dropped the ball on it in July.

Morning Workout

I woke up a little after 7:00 am which isn’t the norm on a Saturday, especially as I haven’t been getting much sleep this week. However, I felt great and ready to get stuff done! I didn’t bother with skincare or anything upon waking. I just threw on some workout clothes and headed to our home gym (tour coming soon). For this workout, I followed Kelly Yager’s Fit & Functional Guide and did 45 minutes of Week 4 Chest/Triceps followed by another 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Afterword, I went to my office to cool down and start working on some content for August. I had boxes piled in my office from all the things that I purchased recently, namely books and skincare items from Ulta. It gave me some inspiration to share with you all what I bought at Ulta. Let me tell you, it was a lot and my husband was not at all amused with me. Nor was he amused with the books beings I complain to him nightly that I’m bored. Lolz whoops. Anyways, I went through those boxes and put away everything (Ulta haul coming soon). My books went on my TBR shelf that I cleared off. As I was putting them up there, though, I realize that if I bought too many more books, I won’t have room for a TBR shelf. Honestly, I won’t have too much more room for books, period.

Working on that post also reminded me that I had a stack of bills that needed paid. There is nothing more satisfying than paying things off, but it’s also so sad seeing that number in your bank account depleting. But I felt better afterward, so it’s fine! Just as I was finished paying off the last bill, that’s when our mail man showed up with a second delivery from Ulta, so yeah the bills definitely needed paid. I brought that in, sent out my bills, and whipped up my first real meal of the day.


After I finished eating, it was right back to work. I finished writing up my Ulta haul and put everything away. I also worked on the What I Eat in a Day post before starting on some chores. It started off with just planning on loading the dishwasher up and doing a load of clothes. That lead to wanting to deep clean and restock my bathroom and tidy up my bedroom a bit. Afterward, I filled up my water bottle again and went to the basement for another workout. This time I did 45 minutes of Kelly’s Week 3 Shoulders/Abs workout. I only do 45 minutes of these workouts at a time, so it’s quite often that one workout actually lasts more than one session. I followed up this workout with another 45 minute session on the treadmill.

With it being the afternoon, even my basement, which is normally cool, started to heat up. There was no getting around the amount of sweat that was sticking to me by the end of it, and so I knew I needed a shower ASAP. However, my stomach overruled my discomfort, so I made a nice refreshing lunch and watched a little tv at my desk. Then I could not put it off any longer, and so I headed upstairs for a much needed shower. I got to try out some of the new products that I just got in that day! It felt so good to be clean and just feel refreshed. By this point, I was still feeling pretty famished, so I grabbed a serving of some leftovers and some caffeine to get me past that afternoon slump. I proceeded to waste about an hour just relaxing and watched tv. I also switched from a book that I was reading and picked up It by Stephen King. Oh my goodness! There is a reason I love his writing. Then it was time to get back to work. We needed groceries bad, so I had my step-daughter make a grocery list. My husband was craving take-out and, even though I’m trying to be healthy, I was craving it as well. So I put an order for that together while we also made our grocery list. While my husband and step-daughter were finishing a game together, I went back to my office to work on more content.


We purposefully waited until evening to go get groceries. The store that we go to is always slammed in the mornings and afternoons. I always feel rushed and stressed when surrounded by too many people in the aisles and so I prefer to go at the least busy time. It was nice. As we were getting groceries, we ordered Car-side to Go from Applebee’s. So we picked that up and went home. After the groceries were put away, we all ate dinner together and watched some tv (I continued reading It) before calling it a night.

I was overall really proud of myself for the amount of work that I got done this day. It might not look like it on paper, but I got so much accomplished and cleaned and it was a great day.

As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time………

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