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Hello readers! My husband and I had sort of started setting up a home gym prior to Covid and the gyms shutting down. When everything shut down in March of 2020, it really set things in motion for us to put more money and investment into it. That was really the biggest thing that kept me sane throughout 2020. It was so refreshing having a space in the house where I could go and just spend time by myself and working on myself and destress. And I will be forever grateful that I had the ability to do something like this for myself and for my family. That being said, I wanted to finally share what our home gym looks like. I don’t really want to do a full tour and what the whole room looks like because I definitely want to redo it. I don’t like the walls or how dark it is, so at some point we’ll be remodeling the gym area.


I have two different sets of bands that I switch between. The smaller elastic ones from Perfect Peach Athletics were originally bought for when I was doing 80 Day Obsession. These bands come in 6 different resistants and also came in a package that have the foam that goes over the bars for when you’re doing hip thrusts. They really come in handy when I’m doing anything where it requires a band around the ankles or lower legs, as I’m still working on my leg strength. Then there are the thicker cloth bands. I couldn’t find the exact brand, but you could find so many similar ones on Amazon. Besides bands, I have a pair of sliders, again purchased for when I was doing 80 Day Obsession. I would definitely say they aren’t great on the type of flooring that we have, but they work great on just smooth concrete finish. I have the ball from 9 Week Control Freak, which I purchased with the rest of the equipment from Beachbody. Then there’s this shaker……thing. It was at the house when we bought it and we never got rid of it.

On the wall, I have the track for 9WCF. Again, I loved this thing so much when I was following that program. Since I’ve been following Kelly Yager’s guide, I still have used it at least once a week. The track also is great because I have a variety of long resistance bands that I can swap out, which is nice.

Weights/Strength Equipment

Right next to the wall track is my husbands bench, which normally sports my cat when he’s down there with me. I believe there are enough weights that go up to 100 lbs, but I’m not sure. I mostly use this when doing the moves that require like tricep dips or bench push-ups. There is also another bar that we sometimes use with different types of weights. That one is so much harder to swap out the weights, though, so it mostly goes unused.

In a corner next to the stairs is our Marcy MWM-990. Again, this is something that my husband uses more than I do, however, I use it when I’m trying to recreate my gym routine. It goes up to 150 lbs.

My favorite part of the whole home gym, however, are my free weights. I have 1,3,5,8,10,12,15,20,25,30, and 35 lb weight sets. I also have a 15 lb kettle bell. The ones, threes, and fives are on days that I am sore or I feel like I’ve pulled something and I’m just trying to work out some kinks. Last year, when I hurt my shoulder, they came in clutch.

My last piece of equipment for strength training is what looks like a power tower. I’m able to do chin ups and dips and push ups. Again, this is something that my husband uses more than me. My step-daughter also likes to climb on it like a jungle gym.

Cardio Equipment

Our three pieces of cardio equipment are probably to most basic that most people are familiar with. We have a stationary bike, an elliptical, and a treadmill. I am not a fan of the bike, because it is a cheaper type and just uncomfortable. That and I might hold a personal grudge against it after the pedal cracked into my knee months ago. My favorite piece is my treadmill. It’s nothing huge and fancy, but I love it. I get on at least 10 minutes after each strength training session to just run.

Like I said, I still have a lot of work and reorganizing to do before this space is perfect. We also have a bathroom down there I want to remodel and our laundry room. And my husband has his wood working equipment down there which takes up a good portion and gets dust everywhere. Maybe this time next year I’ll have an update!

Anyways, thank you so much for reading and until next time……..

2 thoughts on “Home Gym Tour

  1. Love tours like this. Thanks for sharing. I have bits and pieces of equipment: skipping rope, TRX, dumbbells, fabric bands, stretchy bands, gliders, and kettlebells. I don’t have large pieces of equipment, because my house is just too small. There’s no room for anything, which is why I prefer the gym. That said, what I do have is enough for when I do online workouts.

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    1. There really is no better vibe than the gym. However with covid and with my increasing workload it does help having everything I need at home. Lately I’ve been getting insane results following Kelly Yager guides with just dumbbells and bands and my treadmill.

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