I Have My Work Cut Out For Me

Hello all! Whatever streak I had going in July has officially ended for me. And I’m not mad about it. I needed these past few weeks to re-center myself in order to pick up strong again. And I’m going to tell you why.

Reading Fails

First, let’s talk about my ridiculous TBR. So I shot myself in the foot on this one by choosing enormous freaking books and a lot of them, knowing I would have almost zero time to read. I started the month thinking that I wanted to read all the fantasy and that I was ready for some heavy reading. I’m staring at my TBR shelf right now and it doesn’t look good. They are riddled with bookmarks. The same can be said of my Kindle library. Just nothing was catching my attention for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying the books. It’s that these books require more time than I’m currently able to give in order to really invest in them and enjoy them as they are meant to. That being said, I haven’t finished a single book this month. My reading always tends to taper off in the summer, though, so I’m not that bummed.

World’s Worst Blogger

Not only haven’t I been reading, but I have been struggling to get blogs up on time. Poor planning on my part has my content calendar completely looking like a mess. I didn’t want to post back to back “what I eat in a day” or “day in the life” so I ended up scrapping a few blogs. I also didn’t order my athletic wear soon enough, so my hopes of doing a haul from new athletic brands each month already went up in flames. Although, I did just put in orders from two different companies, so I’m covered at least for September and October. I let things get away from me this month. Looking back, I know what I did wrong. I knew what I wanted to upload (for the most part) weeks in advance but I wouldn’t actually create the post until a few days before I wanted to post it. I didn’t prepare properly. So that’s something that I want to change for the upcoming months by beginning to prepare now.

Getting My Lowest Grade

This isn’t as bad as I’m making it sound. I’m just dramatic and really frustrated with myself. If you don’t know, I’m enrolled in Southern New Hampshire University for my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. My current course is Business Communications. Aka, a class I should be excelling at. My final grades haven’t been completed yet, but I’m guaranteed to get the lowest grade of my college journey so far: a big fat B. Or maybe a C, depending on how bad I do on my final project. Again, it’s poor planning on my part! I let things get away from me or overload my plate and don’t prioritize correctly and now I’m paying for it by breaking my straight A streak.

Fixing the Problem

I realized a long time ago that I can handle an overactive workload. I feel like I’m programed to run off of chaos. So putting so much on my plate isn’t really the problem. My problem is poor planning. Specifically, when I plan certain things I’m not giving myself adequate or realistic time to accomplish what I want to do. August is already coming to a close and September is around the corner. Let’s not even mention that it’s almost fall season. That being said, I already know that I have a lot of things going on next month. There’s an event I want to plan for. I need to get back on my blogging game.

What I can say, throughout all these failures, is that I never once strayed from my health journey. I have been working out twice a day 6-7 days a week. I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and trying new recipes, getting away from more and more prepackaged foods. So I’m stoked about that. With September being a busy month, I am going to power my way through the rest of August. I need to finish up my current course for school and then I have a week off before starting my next class. I’m going to use this week to my advantage and just prep like crazy for the upcoming month.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time………..

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