Trying New Athletic Wear: TLF Apparel

Hello all! I am back today with another try on style blog where I try athletic wear from companies that are new to me. This month’s focus is on TLF Apparel.

What Am I Judging?

When I look at athletic wear, I look at style, variety, pricing, shipping, and of course the fit. I do want to say that I am a medium across the board with most brands.


TLF Apparel does have a pretty decent variety of clothing. They have leggings, shorts, sports bras, cropped tanks, regular tanks, hats; etc. Their sizing ranges from XS-XL. This doesn’t seem to be as inclusive to me, especially as I have seen companies go upwards of XXL. However, this does seem to be almost like a standard size range, especially if you’re familiar with like Gymshark. They have different styles in each of the clothing categories. One thing I did notice was that they seem to have the same color scheme across the majority of the styles. I’m still fairly new to this brand, so I’m not sure how often they change that up. Their website also has an “outlet” area for things that are marked down and have a good range of sizes left.


I want to say that their pricing is still average. After trying on the items, I would say that it is in line with the quality of the clothing as well. They recently had a labor day sale with 60% off, which was amazing. If they do sales like these often, I will have no problem being a returning customer. For four items I paid $149.00.


Orders over $75 ship for free in the U.S. I placed my order on August 21 and received the notification that it had shipped on August 23. By August 25 it was delivered. I would definitely say that their shipping is a 10/10 for me.


I would say that the quality of their clothes are hit and miss with me. Two of the items felt like great quality when they were first out of the package, while the other two were more meh. The leggings and hat had the washer info and sizing stamped in, which was nice. The pullover jacket had a tag that felt more silicone. I can say that it was annoying when I wore it for a run, so I’ll be sure to either cut it off or tear it. There was one item that I wanted to love so bad, but tragedy struck and so they never made it past one wear.


As I said before, I am a standard medium with most fitness brands. Everything I ordered from TLF was in a size medium.

Tempo Workout Sports Bra

This was one of those items where my initial impressions were really underwhelming. The material felt kind of cheap and cottony. IYKYK. Also the cup pads were misshapen and very obvious. Now of course I could remove them, but I need the cups as an extra layer of protection to keep my ta-tas from saying “hello!” That being said, I gave this a true wear test by wearing it to work for 12 hours and then going on a run after work. I’m glad that I did, because I genuinely like this bra now. The simple strap that goes down the back is cute and the front is dipped low enough to offer up some sexy cleavage. I would say if you’re looking for more support or have a bigger chest to size down. When I was running, I was a little nervous that my breasts were gonna slip. So maybe I would say this is great for strength training or all day wear. Also, the cups evened out the more I wore it and didn’t seem as obvious.

Train-N-Run Pace Hoodie

Like I said early, the tag is probably the most annoying part of this jacket, however, it’s not that big of a deal. The quality of the material feels amazing. It’s very light weight and perfect for a chilling morning. Be forewarned though that the material sticks to you if you get sweaty and is a pain to peel off then. This sits perfect at my waist, so not too long and definitely not cropped. I really like the color of this as well (titanium).

Train-N-Run High Waisted Leggings

These were the biggest disappointment! I wanted to love these so bad. The material felt great, very similar to the type I associate with Nike or Gymshark’s Fit line. I want to say that I am the one at fault for this one. TLF’s website gives a description for each item and part of that description includes the compression and fit type. These are “ultra-fitted” leggings. They weren’t kidding. When I first put them on, I was scared that I got the wrong size as they were a mother to get on. My mistake when I put these on was that I grabbed right in on the seam of the booty to pull to get them up. Wouldn’t you know it, the seam popped and I tore the stitching out. I was so sad because they honestly looked freaking amazing! I would say, if you’re going to get these and you have shapely bottom to size up. I ended up wearing these, hole and all, to work under my uniforms. At the end of the day, the hole was the size of my fist. At least I got one day out of them.

Logo Classic Hat

This was another disappointment for me. I don’t like having my hair on my neck, but without a hole in the back to put my hair, I have no other choice but to do a low pony or bun. Their hats come in S/M or L/XL with a fitted/flex fit. Their website was a little misleading as well because the fold or bend of the bill was more pronounced. When I got mine, it was almost straight across. Even after bending it a few times it still can’t retain the shape that I prefer. It is cute though.

Overall Thoughts

I would say that I would only really buy from them again if there’s a sale. I’m still really bummed that the seam on those leggings gave that easily. I know I have an ass, but damn that was a blow to the ego and my wallet.

What Should I Try Next?

Let me know in the comments what athletic wear company I should try next. If you like this kind of content, hit that like button and be sure to follow for more. Thank you so much for reading and until next time……………..

One thought on “Trying New Athletic Wear: TLF Apparel

  1. Loved this post. I have never heard of this brand. I’ll have to check out their offerings.

    I like the brands Jed North and Born Primitive. Although, Old Navy has always been a favourite for me in terms of quality, I just haven’t been digging their colour and pattern selection as of late, so it’s been a while since I’ve purchased anything from them.

    I have lots of activewear reviews on my blog.

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