Day In The Life: Am I More Productive On Night Shift?

Hello all! I have missed creating these day in the life blogs and bringing you all along on my day. This is the first time, however, that I’m doing a night shift version. If you’ve missed some of my recent blogs, then you aren’t aware that I am on a 12 hour night shift schedule until the week of Thanksgiving. It has been a struggle trying to keep myself on track, health-weis. But I feel like I’ve finally done it and am now back to my old self.

Wake Up/First Workout

Going to nights, I tried to keep my schedule the same just flipped it. So instead of waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning (or 2 on workdays), I’ve been waking up anywhere from noon to 2:00 pm. I’ve put treatments over my bedroom windows to help me sleep later, but my body still feels like it’s wrong to be sleeping in so late. On this day, I woke up at 2 o’clock. Obviously, my husband is still on a day shift schedule so he is usually already out of bed by the time I get up now. It was really cold this day, too, so I doubled up on layers before heading downstairs.

One thing that I’ve noticed has changed is that I’m a little slower getting up and moving. I’m not sure if it’s my changed schedule or because it’s getting colder. Either way, I can’t just jump into my workouts like I used to. So I make my pre-workout and will spend some time gathering up laundry or dishes while I sip on that. I don’t like to waste too much time, though, because moving first thing really helps jump start my day. I finished my shoulders/abs workout from the day before and walked a mile on the treadmill. I cut off the workout at 45 minutes and went back upstairs to start more of my day.

Planning/Meal Prepping

I took some time to breath and relax a little right after my workout. There was a lot that absolutely needed to get done this day, especially before my husband went to sleep. One thing that sucks about us being on different shifts is that I really need to hustle to get a workout in and get chores and errands in by a certain time so that I’m not making so much noise while he’s trying to sleep.

I was scheduled to work the upcoming two days, so I immediately got started meal prepping. Stay tuned for a “What I Eat In a Day”! There was some really yummy things on the schedule and everything that I meal prepped, I made enough for this day as well. While I was meal prepping, I realized it was getting closer to dinner time and so I made my husband something to eat. I didn’t eat with him just for the simple fact I am trying to stick to my “scheduled” times to eat. When I was on day shift, I would eat at certain times or basically when I was hungry. It took me over a week to realize I was eating a lot more than normal on nights and it was because I was either eating because my husband was eating or I was eating because I was bored. Thankfully, I was able to spot that early on and nib that in the butt.

Second Workout/Winding Down

At around 6 o’clock I was starting to feel restless so I went downstairs and did a hamstring/glute workout. I was so proud of myself for hitting a new PR of 60 lbs for RDL’s (not including weight of barbell). It was also the first time that I asked my husband to spot me. I finished up by around 8 o’clock, cleaned up, and spent the next few hours relaxing with my husband in his game room. He was watching some basketball games so I decided to break out one of the books on my TBR list for this month. I broke my fast for the day at roughly 10:30 and by that time I was famished. Again, I was still really proud of myself for eating a single serving and taking the time to analyze how I was feeling to see if I was still hungry or eating because I was bored. At around midnight I shooed him off to bed because he had to get up in a few hours for work.

Content/Third Workout…..I Can Feel You Judging

Once the house had quieted down, I went to my office for a time to work on content. Currently, I am on track and so proud of myself for staying on top of things. Quite honestly I feel like I am more productive on nights because I don’t have the added distractions of the neighbors out mowing their grass or my husband and step-daughter constantly asking me what I’m doing. The only distraction I have to contend with is myself….and Instagram. Shameless plug, if you aren’t following me already, be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’ve been posting regularly on my stories. Really, what else am I going to do at that time of night?

At roughly 1 o’clock I went back downstairs for the third time and did Chest/Triceps. I get it, that this is an insane amount to be working out. Some may say that this is too much. I’ve been keeping tabs on how I’m feeling and making sure that I am stretching and getting proper sleep (even taking regular naps most days) and following proper nutrition. Again, this really is my way of dealing with not only being alone at night, but it helps keep me focused. It’s a mental thing for me and it helps me to keep from slipping into a state of anxiousness and depression. I didn’t go that hard with this one, instead focused on the movements and taking stock of my strength. Surprisingly, I was able to bump up to 20 lb. dumbbells for chest press. This time last year I was pushing 10’s and thought that was insane.

After my workout, I went back upstairs and dove right back into creating some content. By around 2 o’clock I was starting to feel a little hungry so I heated up some of the food I had meal prepped earlier that day. I also feel the need to mention that I do keep a tv on and YouTube playing in the background on my computer in order to make it feel more “normal” or just background music. If you’ve never stayed awake all night long, let me tell you it’s dead ass quiet and I don’t like it.


This week I started a new term for my online schooling. This one is a Public Relations class, which is cool because it’s more geared towards communication which is what my degree is for. I hadn’t realized until the day before it was to start that I needed two books for this class and they only came in print…..and that I needed them by that Thursday because they were to be used for a discussion post. Not me procrastinating until the last minute. So, while my books were supposed to be there the next day (hopefully before I left for work), I decided to get as much school work and reading done as possible in order to make things a little easier for me come Thursday.

By the time I finished it was 4 o’clock in the morning and so time for my husband to get ready for work. I was also reminded that I needed to put another order in to GNC. Seriously, GNC is shipped to my house almost the same as Amazon. Jury’s still out on if that’s good or bad.


After I shipped him off for work, I did a few stretches and another slow walk, just to start to unwind. Let me tell you, I’ve never been more excited for a hot shower and my fuzzy pajamas in my life! After my shower, I grabbed some of the soup that I had prepped and sat and watched a little tv while I ate. By 8 o’clock I knew I was starting to push my limits with staying up so I did my evening skincare routine and started to get ready for bed.

I actually really enjoyed creating this for you all. I did notice while doing this that I was definitely more active and more productive than when I was on a day shift schedule.

As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time…….

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