2022 Health/Fitness Goals

My health journey kicked off in 2020, where I started off with Beachbody working out 3-5 times a week. But then I yoyoed in the winter leading in to 2021 and gained back 10 lbs. This past year, I buckled down. I stopped worrying about fads and measuring out my food and restricting myself. I also steered away from Beachbody and started true strength training and running about 4 days a week. From May to October, I didn’t see the scale go down that much, however just viewing side by side pictures, the difference is amazing. Seeing that is encouragement to continue my journey and continue living a balanced life.

Fitness Challenges

  • #Gymshark66
    • Can start whenever
    • Decide on 3 rules for yourself (Ex: try a new recipe, drink your water) and follow them for 66 days
    • Share your journey
    • Encourage others going through the same journey
  • 75 Hard
    • Two 45 minute workouts
    • One workout must be outdoors
    • Follow a diet
    • No alcohol or cheat meals
    • Drink 1 gallon of water
    • Read 10 pages, nonfiction. Audiobooks do not count.
    • Take a progress pic
  • 5k
    • At least 6 Virtual 5k’s
    • Preferably for charity organizations


  • Get my certification for nutrition coaching and CPT (NASM)
  • Cancel Beachbody membership
    • I will always be grateful for how I started, but at this point, I’m not sure if my journey requires that anymore. Really it’s more of a financial decision
  • Perfect my pushups
    • No more modifying with knees down
  • Explore new gyms
    • Current membership is with Planet Fitness. I want to explore more to see what other options for equipment I could try. Also the PF that I go to is kind of small so on busy days all the equipment I like to use is taken. Unless I go super early in the morning.
  • Run an entire 5k
    • Currently I can do a little over a mile without stopping
  • Start crossfit training
  • Continue working out 7 days a week


I want to say up front that this is so low on my priorities list it’s not funny. I don’t care about the scale. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go backwards, however, I don’t need to obsess over the numbers anymore. From May to October of 2021 I barely saw any difference on the scale. The difference were the side-by-side photos that I took. That to me just shows that it shouldn’t matter to me anymore. I’m just throwing these numbers out there almost as a way to track my progress….?

  • Lost 10% body fat (currently 34.7)
  • Get down to the 130 range (currently 153.8lbs)
    • I want to point out that at the start of my journey I was around 215lbs……
    • Last years starting point was around 190
  • Pant size 4….?
    • Again, this does not actually matter to me!
    • 2020 size: 16
    • 2021: 12
    • Now: 8…almost a 6
  • Diet/Nutrition

As I’m learning more about nutrition, my goal would be to continue transitioning into a more clean diet and steer away from the processed foods. One thing that really helped in 2021 was to not restrict myself. On days I had my period, if I wanted a Nutty Buddy bar and a bowl of ice cream, I let myself indulge. The majority of the I was eating a lot of fresh fruits and veggies. A big thing for me was keeping up with my hydration. What some people don’t know is a lot of time you’ll think you’re hungry but you’re actually thirsty.

That is it for my 2022 health goals! I really am excited for this year and what it holds for me. I’ve never felt in such a good place before and I couldn’t be happier.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and until next time……..

One thought on “2022 Health/Fitness Goals

  1. Regular exercise will help control weight and uphold a healthy weight. Involving every day with physical activities will help burn calories that the body would’ve otherwise stored. It isn’t mandatory to join a gym to work out regularly. You can work out in the park nearby or jog on the roadside in the early morning or evening. Start with free hand exercise in the beginning. The motive is to do a powerful activity indoors or outdoors to burn out those additional calories


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