Day in the Life: Running Errands & Being Productive

Morning Workout and Chores

I was able to wake up naturally on this morning, and was shocked when I found I was up before 8:00. I’m actually starting to wake up earlier and earlier on my days off, which is nice because then I don’t feel like I’m wasting my day. It didn’t take me long, though, to figure out I didn’t quite wake up naturally as my cats were yowling and knocking stuff over in the bathroom because they ran out of water in the middle of the night. So I quickly took care of them before getting officially dressed for my morning workout.

Normally I will grab a load of laundry to take downstairs before I do anything else, but I was caught up for once. I did have a lot of dishes though. So I mixed my preworkout and pump and started sipping on that while I loaded up the dishwasher for the day. Then me and my little man went to the basement for our morning workout. I focused mainly on hamstrings/quads/glutes with a little bit of upper body and cardio thrown in. By the time I was finished, my arms and legs were shaking so bad but I was really proud of myself because the weights are getting heavier. I usually always end with a walk on the treadmill and utilize that time to catch up on Instagram comments and begin editing photos for the next day to upload.

Post Workout

After my workout, I took some time to let my heart rate come down and my muscles to relax a little, so I just sort of petered around the kitchen. I took that time to create a grocery list since I had some errands to run and I would be in the area. The most important thing on my list was to get orange juice to try and recreate the banana protein smoothie that I loved getting from Orange Julius over the summer time. I knew it would help cut down on the amount of snacking I was doing. After that I went upstairs to get my shower.

I’ll admit, I sort of dawdled for about half an hour and hung out with my husband before I had to leave to get my truck looked at. By 1:30 it was time to head out and get my errands done.


I got my truck looked at first, since I had an appointment for that. It wasn’t anything too serious, just an air leak in my tire. Thankfully they were able to fix it (something about a bead wall?) and it was less than $20 to fix. I killed two birds with one stone in that I made the appointment at Walmart and then utilized that wait time to get my prescription. I still ended up having to wait a good thirty minutes, though, just as I wasn’t really in the mood to fight with the crowds there to do aimless browsing.

After my truck was done, I skipped over to the other part of town to grab groceries. I was so frustrated by the end of those twenty minutes in there that I just wanted to go home instead of doing anything else. Crowds, in general, make me uneasy. Crowds in a grocery store make me want to grind my teeth.

Pizza and Content

I was so hungry when I got home, and I realized that it was nearing 4:00 without me having eaten anything. So, I made myself something quick and put the groceries away. That was about the time that my husband came home with his daughter so my peaceful morning kind of went bye bye after that. We did spend a little time though making some homemade pizza that she was really proud of. I’ll admit, it was really good. After she was satisfied, I hunkered down in my office to get some more work done. My biggest project to focus on for this evening was content creation, since I’ve been trying to keep ahead on that. I was able to make quite a bit of headway with them and get some drafts written up that just needed edited later.

At around 9:00 I just couldn’t stare at a computer any longer. I wrapped up the night with my regular night routine before crawling into bed.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “day in my life” so this was a little rusty for me. However, thank you so much for reading and until next time…………

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