Productive Morning Routine: Winter 2022

*Before I start, I want to point out that this is my current routine for days off of work. On days I work, I definitely don’t have time for any of this.

Waking Up – 07:30 AM

I have been waking up naturally anywhere from 05:30-07:30. I roll out of bed and take my time getting dressed for my morning workout. My go-to workout outfit is warm leggings, a comfy sports bra, and a nice thick hoodie. It also depends on if it’s a morning to capture content for Instagram. Yes, I am officially one of those girls where I take in account photos when I’m choosing my outfits.

I also like to take these quiet mornings to quietly put away any clothes that I had in the hamper from the night before. After I get dressed, I will gather up another load of laundry and head downstairs and get my pets their food and water. They are normally walking in between my legs trying to trip me as I bumble around the kitchen.

Once they are fed, I will take the first load of laundry down and get that started. I will also get a load of dishes started before I do anything else. It takes maybe 10-15 minutes but it makes a world of difference in starting the day off right.

Morning Workout – 08:00 AM

Most days, I am working out in my basement. I feel extremely blessed that I have that ability as it seriously makes it easier for me to stay on track. Before I even make it to the basement, however, I will mix up some preworkout and pump. Of course, it’s not a real morning workout without waiting for my boy to finish eating and come down with me. I will turn on the heat (which has taken me 5 years to discover) and connect my phone to my TV and stream music through there.

Every workout session starts with at least a 5 minute stretch. I can really tell the difference from when I do and don’t stretch. When I stretch, I can go harder and I don’t cramp up afterwards. I also don’t feel the normal aches and pains the next day.

My first workout can last any where from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours, with the majority of it being strength training. I also love doing full body sessions rather than focusing on a single area of my body. My favorite sessions are when I do what I call “thousand calories blasts”. So I will keep going until I burn a thousand calories. It’s seriously the best high when I’m done and I’m soaked in sweat and I know that I did that.

Get Ready For The Day – 10:30 AM

After my workout, I will normally make a quick protein smoothie or grab a RTD (ready to drink) protein drink and chug that as I get my shower ready. This is when I will brush my teeth and finally get dressed for the day. Normally, I will just end up putting another set of gym clothes on, because that’s honestly all I wear anymore. Leggings aside, I do try to take a little more effort in my appearance even though most days I stay home. So I will blow dry my hair and put jewelry on and maybe a cute jacket and shoes. After I get dressed I head downstairs and put a little bit of makeup on. Then it’s time to be productive.

Morning Content – 11:30 AM

It’s practically noon at this point. I will spend roughly 30 minutes working on content and trying to stay ahead of the game. This includes anything from planning content to taking photos. I’m definitely trying to add more details and take more time setting up backdrops for future photos to be taken. As much as I love mirror selfies, I know I need to branch out a little and put more effort into content.

Lunch Time – 12:00 PM

By this time my morning is officially over. I try to have my first real meal of the day anywhere from 11-12. Once I have my first meal then I consider my mornings over with and then it’s afternoon.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram to keep up with me during my mornings as well as on here to stay updated. There are some changes coming fairly soon and so I know that my routine is going to change yet again. But I honestly cannot wait for this new chapter in my life.

As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time………..

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