What I Eat In A Day

Morning Workout Supplements

  • Alani Nu PreWorkout
  • Alani Nu Pump Mango Sorbet

Total Calories 0

Total Protein 0g

Post Workout Meal

  • Egg & Cheese Wrap
  • GNC Wheybolic Ripped Chocolate Peanut Butter

Total Calories 210

Total Protein 34g


  • Fruit & Oatmeal
    • 1 cup strawberries, .5 cup blueberries, 1 banana, 1 tbsp honey, 1 packet of Quaker Fiber and protein banana w/sprinkle of Splenda brown sugar
  • Starbucks cold brew w/1 shot of Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream

Total Calories 334

Total Protein 9.2g


  • Alani Nu BCAA’s in Sour Gummy
  • Shredded bbq chicken thigh, pineapple, and green beans

Total Calories 283

Total Protein 19.7g


  • Cheeseburger skillet pasta with seasoned hamburger patties, tomatoes, and onions from Birds Eye

Total Calories 330

Total Protein 13g

Totals for the Day

Calories 1345

Protein 75.9g

Water Intake 120 oz.

Reflecting On the Day

I want to say that I don’t measure out my food or monitor it like this every day. I don’t even do it every week. I will say I like to monitor my nutrition every few weeks just because for days like this. The day that I did this was busy. I was up first thing in the morning to work out and then I was constantly on the go. I ate when I felt hungry and I was drinking water almost all day. This may seem like a solid number for the day, however, I know with how much I work out that I need to make sure that I’m getting a lot more protein in.

As always, thank you so much for reading and until next time………

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