Weekly Workout: Returning to 75 Hard

Yes, you read that title right. I made my return to 75 Hard, even after I swore I wouldn’t do it again. Since starting, I’ve gone through a snow storm, an ice storm, and multiple days of rain. Quite honestly, it’s sucked. But I needed this. I wasn’t disciplined enough before and gave myself too many days where if I was tired then I was allowing myself to rest instead of pushing. Even on days I did work out, I wasn’t pushing myself. Overall, I wasn’t happy with my performance and I needed that bootcamp style mentality to get my ass in gear.

That being said, I am back to a weekly schedule just because the weather is so unpredictable now and if you’re familiar with 75 Hard, you know that one of my workouts must be outside.

Monday – February 28

  • Chest/Triceps
  • 5k

Tuesday – March 1

  • Back/Biceps
  • 5k

Wednesday – March 2

  • Quads/Glutes
  • 45 minutes bike

Thursday – March 3

  • Metcon/Circuit
  • Full Body

Friday – March 4

  • Shoulders/Abs
  • 5k

Saturday – March 5

  • Hamstrings/Glutes
  • 5k

Sunday – March 6

  • Chest/Triceps
  • 5k

9 thoughts on “Weekly Workout: Returning to 75 Hard

  1. We’re all in this together. Today is Day #2 for me. I can relate to everything you just said. This is my “why”

    My calves are sore, my brain is telling me you already did this once you have nothing to prove, my weight is higher than it was when I did this a year ago, and I keep hearing “This is going to be inconvenient, it’s meant to be inconvenient.”

    The truth is I have tried everything else and when you get a taste of freedom and serenity, you can never go back to the old way of life for too long.

    The moment you can visualize being free from the things that hold you back, you have indeed begun to set yourself free.

    I’m nervous,. I’m scared. I lost myself. I want myself back. Self reliance is the only road to true freedom and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward. Let’s do this.

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  2. I’ve heard about 75 Hard. Not sure if I’m up to the challenge. I don’t think that I like the outside workout in cold weather. Ha ha. Will you be keeping track of weight and/or measurements? Is that your goal, or do you just want to be accountable at this point?

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    1. I’m not really keeping track of my weight or measurements too closely. I honestly don’t mind if I fail either. I needed this challenge to get me back into the routine of things. I did this last year amd I failed on day 65 but I kept the routine of eating healthy and drinking my water. So I’m just looking for that routine

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