Fall Morning Routine Working 7-3

My schedule varies day to day depending on what hiccups occur at work that would determine if I leave early or if I’m staying way late. I am extremely thankful that I don’t have an actual set schedule for work. So there are days where I may go in earlier or go in later but that really depends on what priorities I have at work and if I need to physically be there for them.

3:00 AM

Yes you read that right. My alarm is set for 3:00 in the morning. I also have another one that goes off at 3:15 in case I really need to take my time waking up. I will not go past 3:15 though. Once my alarms go off, I am usually getting dressed by my little lamp I have next to my bed that way I’m not waking my husband. I’ll gather my water bottle and my phone and head downstairs.

My first priority every morning is making sure my animals have their breakfast. I always take my birth control first thing as well. Before I go downstairs, I’ll do my little “good morning” post. Then it’s time to grab my preworkout and my phone and head to the basement. For those of you that are curious, I use Alani Nu preworkout powders.


It is already starting to get cold here in the northern states, so the first thing I like to do is get my heater going. I’m also trying to get better at doing my stretches so I will spend maybe 5 minutes going through a series of stretches. We have officially started Kelly Yager’s Q4 program. It is a 12 week program with 6 training days out of the week. She recently moved to an app which is really nice because it’s easier to track progress. These workouts usually include 15-25 minutes of cardio that I will do at the beginning of the workout. This early in the morning it just helps me wake up a little more. For additional motivation, I’ll either play music or turn on tv to have something playing in the background. And then I finish up with stretches.


I have a hard cutoff at this time so that I have plenty of time to finish getting ready. I’ll go through and shut off the tv and the heater and make my way back upstairs. The first thing I’ll do is go through and brush my teeth. Last year I got the Oral B pro for Christmas and I absolutely love this thing. Even though it was a gift, I would definitely spend the money myself because it is that good. From there it’s time to shower. Before I hop in the shower, I will set up the first few items I use in my skincare routine so that I can stay in the bathroom as long as possible simply for warmth. My skincare routine is pretty basic right now as I have an upcoming hair appointment which is usually when I will go through resupply some of the items I’ve been low on too.


By this time, I am out of the shower and my skincare routine is well under way. I don’t do anything special with my hair. Even though I officially work in an office setting, I am constantly going to the production floor so I need to have my uniform and my hair up off my neck. We can’t wear perfume or makeup either so my morning routine is very basic. Under my uniform I just wear comfy workout clothes. The only thing “extra” I wear are my jewelry pieces from Custom Cuff. I wear these things every day. No matter how many times I need to take them off for work, they go right back on. They are like a mental anchor for me.


After I’m dressed, I’ll head downstairs to gather up my work bag and my food that I had already prepped and I’ll put that all together. I’ll make sure my animals are good to go one final time before heading out the door.


I am out the door no later than 6:00 as I do have a bit of a commute to get to work.

That is it for my morning routine! I would love to be able to journal a little before work or read but there normally isn’t time. Thank you so much for reading and until next time…..

2 thoughts on “Fall Morning Routine Working 7-3

  1. And here I was complaining that I have to wake up at 4:30am on workdays. 😴 I have yet to figure out a morning routine that sticks. Usually it’s me panicking and rushing out the door at 5:30am. I have to get to work extra early before my colleagues even arrive. It helps lessen my anxiety when I get to work early.


    1. I definitely understand that. I feel thankful that technically I don’t have set hours but I choose to be there first thing in the morning. I’d rather start early and be able to leave while I still have energy. I definitely drag some days, especially if I’ve been waking up at 3 for a few days in a row. It’s not easy. But the moment I roll out of bed and get moving I’m more awake.


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