Day In The Life: Productivity and Changing My Hair!


My boy woke me up first thing at 6 by kicking my back. For those of you that are new, when I refer to my boy, I mean my cat. Anyways, he wanted me up, but I was stayed in bed just a little to snuggle him and slowly stretch myself awake. I got dressed in some warm clothes and went to take care of him. From there, I immediately made some preworkout and went downstairs for my workout. This morning was Quads/Glutes

Afterward, I took some time to cool down and plan out my weekend. I had quite a bit that I needed to get caught up on. In case you’ve missed any of my previous blogs, I’m doing a buddy read with my stepdaughter for the Harry Potter series. I had a goal to finish the second book that weekend. I also needed to get caught up on some content and work on some school projects. So, I needed everything down on paper so I didn’t forget.

After I plotted everything down, I wanted to put together a quick breakfast and started some laundry and dishes. I spent a little time with my outdoor feral cat. This kitty has been around for a few years now and this past summer we learned (from our neighbors) that his name is Big Will. My husband was upset after we found out he had a name because we’ve been calling him Fido. Either way, he’s a nice little treat most days. He lets us pet him and love on him and when he’s had enough, he goes his separate way.

After I spent some time with him, I decided to get my shower out of the way. I ended up just putting on a house warm so I could retain some of that warmth from the shower. It’s definitely getting colder now and I’m not so sure I’m a fan of it anymore. I hate shivering and trying to get warm.


I decided to prep dinner since I knew my hair appointment later that afternoon was going to go well into the evening hours, and I wanted to make sure I had something so I wouldn’t just binge on whatever was easy when I got home. While that was in the oven, I scrolled through Pinterest to get a final idea of what I wanted. Then it was off to my appointment!

So, my appointment was at 2 o’clock and by the time it was finished it was 6 in the evening. It was the most relaxing 4 hours of my life! Initially I was going to do like a dark chocolate brown with some auburn highlights and chopped at the chin. Somehow, I changed my mind last second to a long-layered cut with very dark brown (almost black) with violet undertones. It is such a drastic change from my blonde that I’m honestly a little scared what my coworkers will think. However, I need to remind myself throughout the day that I don’t actually give two #$@& what they think.


After my hair was done, I ended up shopping around a little and got some new makeup goodies. Then it was time to head home. My husband was pleasantly surprised when he saw me. This long of being together, I have finally managed to tell when he is lying or when he is genuinely pleased. I think the violet (purple) hair make him giggle on the inside a bit. Matches my personality more. While he watched college football, I helped myself to the dinner I had prepped. I started reading but didn’t get far as I ended up falling asleep on the couch next to him. He had to wake me up around 9 o’clock to go to sleep.

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