Fall Evening Routine: Working 7-3

Anyone that knows me knows that my work schedule, especially lately, isn’t a set 7-3. I try to leave at 3 most days but there have been quite a few late evenings for me. Must just be that time of year. This is my first year in this position, so maybe it’s just how things go the closer we get to the end of the year.


Anyways, if I leave work at 3 then I am normally home a little before 4 depending on the traffic. The first thing I’ll do is dump all my work things on the kitchen table and take care of my animals. While they are getting their zoomies out, I’ll go through and unload my lunch bag of empty containers and put my keys and badge away so that I can find it the next morning. I will also take the time to prefill my water bottle and my pre-workout bottle for the next day. I prefer my water first thing to be room temperature, so I’ll leave it out on the counter overnight. It also helps to keep my mornings a little less hectic.


I haven’t been working out 2 times a day unless it’s really nice out so I can go for a walk. It also depends on the day. There have been some really stressful days where I just need to get out and run. But for the most part I’ve just been taking the time to relax when I get home. I am usually just eating my lunch too when I get home, so I’m heating that up and then sitting down to watch a little TV and read. Curling up on the couch with my blanket and reading a good book after work is the absolute best thing. Time honestly flies after a typical workday.


At around 7, I will start to get things around for the next day. Any snacks that don’t need refrigerated I’ll immediately put in my bag. All my meals are already prepped in containers so there is no extra work that needs done there. I’ll head upstairs to wash my face and go through my normal skin care routine. I don’t shower at night anymore unless I feel really gross mostly because I always get a shower in the morning anyways.

The key for me having a successful early start the next morning is making sure I have everything laid out the night before. I will plug in my Garmin fitness watch and lay out all the clothes I’m going to wear for my 3 am workout. It’s one less excuse that will keep me from wanting to get out of bed. I also keep everything close to the bed, so it takes very little thinking.


I’ll go through the house and make sure all the doors are locked and all the heat and lights are shut off to the rooms that won’t be used overnight. My boy gets a little cup of milk each night just as I am winding down. By the time I’m crawling into bed, I am thoroughly exhausted and so I don’t need to read or anything to get me to go to sleep. A quirk that I’ve had though for years is I have to have the TV on when I go to sleep or else I just won’t go to bed. Most nights my husband will wait until I fall asleep and then turn it off so he can sleep.

That is it for my nighttime routine. Hope you enjoyed and until next time……………

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