Blogmas 2022 – Day 7: Day In The Life

I am coming to a close on my mini staycation and I know the one thing I’m really going to miss is the ability to sleep in. And cook my meals fresh rather than have to meal prep a bunch.

This morning I woke up at 7 am, though not by choice. This was the second day in a row struggling with night terrors. Thinking back, I can’t remember what it was though I know it wasn’t pleasant. It was enough to have me scrambling out of bed because I just didn’t want to sit and stew on it any longer.

I started off the day doing the scheduled workouts in Chloe Ting’s 2022 Ab challenge. I also really needed a mood boost from that nightmare so I danced along with some of Fitness Marshall’s videos and part of a longer workout from GlowWithJo.

Afterwords I made a quick protein smoothie and started my to-do list for the day. I’ve been loving sitting in my living room to do my daily tasks that I used to do in my office. Not only is it bursting with Christmas cheer…….but my office is like an icebox.

Once I had my to-do list and my smoothie finished, I started in on my dishes and clothes. This really is the norm for me. Dishes, clothes, and homework. I stopped long enough to make some breakfast and enjoy part of a movie.

Then it was time to clean my office. Since I haven’t been working in there, junk has been steadily piling up since October and was starting to really get on my nerves any time I went in there for anything. My stepdaughter also has a habit of just putting things on my floor when I ask her to put them back. I cringe anytime I think of having to clean her room.

After my office I kept up that momentum and tidied up the living room before committing to lunch. Swapped out some clothes again. Then it was time to wrap presents. I saw someone post that wrapping presents is folding laundry’s evil cousin and I have to agree. I love gifting things to my loved ones but I absolutely can’t stand wrapping presents. The tape won’t cut right or the paper rips on a corner or the bows don’t stick. Annoying and not a fan.

To cheer myself up I did my second workout of Quads and Glutes. I’m noticing that I’m going up a lot in my weights that I’m using. And I am so happy! Then it was time for a shower and dinner which was leftovers from the day before. After dinner, I relaxed with some TV with my husband. There was another basketball game on so while that played I watched some YouTube and just enjoyed our night together. I had an early day at the gym the next day so we did wrap up our night around 10 pm.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are enjoying this Blogmas and are taking the time to take care of yourselves during this season.

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