Blogmas 2022 – Day 10: 10 Amazon Gifts to Give a Fitness Enthusiast

Hello all and welcome to Blogmas day 10! I am fully back to work now and my staycation has come to a close. Sad face. But I hope you all are having a great December so far. Today I wanted to share some gift ideas for the fitness enthusiast in your life.

  1. Wrist/Ankle Weights
  2. Step
  3. Sweat Towels
  4. Resistance Bands
  5. Resistance Loops
  6. Yoga Mat
  7. Foam Roller
  8. Weight Belt
  9. Bosu Ball
  10. Weight Lifting Gloves

2 thoughts on “Blogmas 2022 – Day 10: 10 Amazon Gifts to Give a Fitness Enthusiast

  1. some good ideas. I am screwed my aging parents and sister are here for Chistmas and not in Arizona…I can’t just go to Amazon..I need lots of what do I get a dad with a pacemaker and a failing heart?…I already did the jumper cables a few years ago?….and a very wealthy sister who’s a Trump fan…yeah I know this is not going to be a very fun 15 days


    1. I hear ya. It is difficult to buy Christmas gifts for loved ones some times. If your dad is a car man, you can get him items like a tow strap, car emergency kit, lights, universal wrench socket, jackets, gloves, etc. Etsy is also a good place to find ideas that are more personalized. My inlaws are Trump fans as well and we bought them shirts from Amazon that were kind of funny and they really liked them. 15 days may not seem like much, but you’ve still got time.


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