Blogmas 2022 – Day 11: Day In My Life – Nice Balance Between Relaxing and Getting Stuff Done

Welcome to Blogmas Day 11! I struggled with wanting to actually do a “day in the life” post today just because I knew I wasn’t going anywhere and I didn’t have anything planned so it was going to be pretty boring. The more I debated, I knew I could actually use this to keep me motivated and moving throughout the day rather than just curling up on the couch.


I let myself sleep in this morning and actually skipped my gym workout. Having been back to work, I am relearning my normal schedule and so this morning I just needed rest. I did put on some comfy workout clothes because I knew at some point today I would still be getting a workout in. After taking care of the animals (including the feral cat that’s been coming around for a few years) I hopped online to order groceries for the upcoming week. Seriously, the price of groceries is insane anymore and it makes my skin crawl every time I have to shop for food. Between gas and groceries, I feel like I’m not making any headway in life with wanting to pay down bills.


I started getting some housework done after I had the orders placed. Dishes and clothes are my life anymore when I’m at home it seems. Granted, most of that is from me so I don’t complain when it’s time to get the housework done. After I started a load of clothes I realized that I hadn’t eaten yet and it was almost noon. I made my favorite go-to and quick breakfast of an egg and turkey sandwich with a piece of peanut butter and jelly toast. I have indulged in a guilty pleasure lately in the form of binging Mama June Too Hot to Trot on Prime. I don’t normally watch shows like this, but I thought it was really motivational her weightloss journey even if she did go about it the wrong way. So I was watching that in between getting some work done. Some time between all that my Amazon packages arrived. This cute little book haul made me want to start getting back into the world of books. I really have missed reading and these look like fun quick reads.


In my house the way groceries work is I will pay for them and put them away but doesn’t matter if we go to the store or get them delivered my husband and stepdaughter have to bring them in the house. I think it’s a very fair trade off and so do they unless they’re in the middle of a video game. Surprisingly, they didn’t kick a fuss when I interrupted their Fortnite game. They brought them in and I put them away. I needed a serious restock. Lately I’ve been buying more pantry items so that I have them on hand. My stepdaughter broke away from her game for a while to join me watching tv for a bit. I took some time to put the new paper-like screen protector on my ipad. I have been wanting to dabble in digital planning a little and use that in combination with my regular planner. My stepdaughter played with some beads and made some bracelets which was fun.


I swapped out clothes again before starting dinner for the evening. The last time I made breaded chicken breast with pasta, my husband really liked it. It was a fun little thing for me and my stepdaughter to do as well. She doesn’t like getting her hands gross but she does love cooking. While that was going, I started working on some content for the upcoming week of Blogs. Work is not going to be fun this week and I know I’m going to have a lot of extra hours because of upcoming projects so I need to try and stay ahead. I have been loving creating this blogs this month.


I finished up the evening by working on the tweaking my routine. I’ve been trying to incorporate little things in my daily routine like cleaning for 20 minutes or doing homework for 20 minutes that will help so that it doesn’t need to be made into all-day events anymore. I really hate feeling like my weekends are nothing but homework and housework.

I’m going to go ahead and end the blog here. I know that this was a really boring day but I really needed a day to rest. Thank you so much for reading and until next time…….

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