Blogmas 2022 – Day 14: Day in My Life: Reset Sunday


My alarms went off at 07:30 this morning since we had a delivery that was expected the day before but never came so I was told to expect it anywhere from 08:00-10:00. Not wanting to miss it and be at fault, my husband and I woke up early. I used this to my advantage as my Sundays are always jam packed with things to do around the house. The first thing was to take care of my animals. It had started snowing outside so it was really pretty. I took the time to set my preworkout bottles up for the entire week so all I had to do was fill and go. This seems like overkill with prepping but when you wake up at 03:00 it means the world not to have to worry about trying not to spill preworkout powder everywhere. Afterward, I checked on the status of my order to see if there was any movement (there wasn’t) and then went downstairs to start my workout.


There is no greater feeling that a weekend workout. I don’t ever feel rushed and am able to take my time. This morning I did Kelly Yager’s Quads/Glutes and Metcon/Circuit that I missed the previous week due to work. I pushed myself to the point I had sweat dripping from me. I finished up with a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill at an incline.


The snow was starting to pick up a bit by the time I was finished. I let my cat outside to play for a little. It was interesting; I didn’t think he’d like it but he played for a few minutes before I took him back inside. I also ended up canceling the delivery order I was expecting because the delivery time was changed for the second time but without any notification. I was so frustrated, I knew I was going to just go take care of it after work the next day. Even though I was hungry, I desperately needed a shower first. Afterward I made my favorite breakfast and meal prepped some eggs for the days ahead. I ate and then watched the latest episodes of Santa Claus on Disney+. I wasn’t a fan at first but now I am 5 chapters in and loving it!


At noon I decided to bite the bullet and get one of my papers for school out of the way. While I worked on that, my stepdaughter and I watched Frozen. My husband came in some time later itching to open presents again. So we all had one gift we were allowed to open. I swear we are the most impatient families when it comes to Christmas time. I can’t believe that the next week we have her (custody is every other week) it’s going to be the final countdown to Christmas!!! After we opened presents, we were really vibing with the holiday atmosphere, with Frozen on tv and the snow that I could see off the back deck. I made my husband a cup of coffee and for me and my stepdaughter a cup of hot chocolate. And then it was back to finish up my paper and move on to the second Frozen movie.


At 2 I started to prep another meal for the upcoming week while my computer installed an upgrade. While I had that going, I folded all the laundry I had done to that point and started another load. Since I was already folding clothes, I took that time to prep my workout clothes for the next morning. After my food was prepped and put away, I started in on lunch for my stepdaughter and husband. It does get a little time consuming since I don’t eat the same food they do anymore. But it’s a choice I’ve made and I know I need to do what’s needed to stick to my goals. My husband had to run to the store for milk so I let the dog out and finished paying some bills. By the time he was back, the food was done and they were able to eat. I was finally able to eat my food that I had been basically snacking on that entire time.


I was still waiting on the update on my computer so I couldn’t start my next assignment. That download honestly took four hours altogether just to put Excel on my mac. Seriously was not happy. But it did force me to relax a little. I did another load of laundry and started another load of dishes in the dishwasher. I watched a little bit of YouTube before settling down to watch the last episode in the Tiger King 2 series. I planned out my exercises for the week in my paper planner and set up what my blogging schedule would look like. I know I’ve already said this but this upcoming week was going to be insane. My stepdaughter had to go back to her grandmother’s during this time as well, so I said my goodbyes to her until the next time I’d see her.


Now it was time to start winding down even though I felt chalk full of energy. This late in the evening, I wasn’t ready to start another assignment, so I put a pause on homework for the evening. I put on Trolls (not the cartoon) on Netflix and decided to do some browsing online for some last minute Christmas gifts. I couldn’t help but take advantage of Gymsharks’s 25% off sale so I made quite a purchase there. I didn’t think I was going to ever buy from them again after their styles since the Whitney Simmon’s collection launched this year just weren’t my style. But lately, their new releases have been amazing, if but a little expensive. Besides myself, I did buy a few things for some coworkers. Finally, I planned out my to-do list for the following day and got everything ready for work the next day and then headed off to bed.

Thank you so much for reading and until next time!

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