Blogmas 2022 – Day 21: Another Work Day

We are coming to the final days of our Blogmas season! I wanted to share another average work day


I was up and at em at my normal time. I’ve actually been experiencing some tooth pain the past few days so I was actually up and down a few times throughout the night. Somehow, I still felt wide awake. Wearing my new leggings from Gymshark was an added boost to get me going. I really thought that it would be freezing after the snow storm we had from the day before but it wasn’t that bad. After I was dressed and took care of my animals, I immediately went to the basement to start my workout. I did a 30 minute incline walk followed by Kelly Yager’s Chest/Triceps workout.


I finished with plenty of time. I failed to meal prep the day before so I needed to make something quick for work. My favorite egg and turkey sandwich is quick and easy and never fails to satisfy. So I pulled that together and gathered the rest of my work stuff. As soon as that all was taken care of, I zipped upstairs to brush my teeth and shower. Getting dressed is always a breeze since I just wear workout clothes under my scrubs.


I normally am able to pack all my things up and leave at exactly 6 o’clock. However, I was a lazy bum the day before and never cleared off my truck. All the snow the day before was basically frozen slush since it was drizzling and smooshing everything down. And I lost my gloves so by the end of it, my hands were frozen. At about quarter after I was able to leave. The roads weren’t the best as it was beginning to snow again, especially in the higher altitudes. I live in a very mountainy area so I’m used to it. 4-Wheel Drive and slow and steady. I still managed to pull in to work about 5 minutes after my “normal” start time.


There was no time to sit and wait in my truck to sip my coffee. I had just pulled in when my phone pinged with someone asking for me to help them. When I got in the building, I was immediately stopped by about 3 different people. However, once my morning got under way it calmed down quite a bit. I had to get my core group back together to go over a few things that we needed to get done by the end of the year. One of them had the idea to order lunch from the local cafe and have a working lunch. I was down and I was really looking forward to it.


At noon we had our food delivered and sat and talked through some things. Most of it was really time for us to catch up, though we did work a bit. My husband joined us for a little as well since we ordered lunch for him. As we were wrapping up, the girls had the idea for us all to go to a salon and get tinsel put in our hair. I couldn’t help but chuckle. As much as I really wanted to I knew I had a bunch of work to get done since I had some more vacation days coming. So it was back to the grind for me.


At the end of the day I sent out an email stating my leave for vacation and packed up my things. The roads were much better on my way home, which I was really grateful for. There was an accident halfway home, though, so that backed up traffic for a few miles. With all this out of state traffic and bad weather, I really wish drivers would slow the freak down. Trying to get somewhere on time is never worth an accident. I made it home a little before 5. I hadn’t realized how bad our driveway was this morning when I had left. I could barely make out the entrance with all the slush and snow. I basically had to follow my tire tracks from the morning. Knowing I wouldn’t want to spend my entire Saturday shoveling snow, I changed my shoes into my boots and headed back outside to shovel.


I wasn’t able to get much done considering it got dark fast. I threw some salt down to see if some of it would melt over night, figuring I would get the rest tomorrow. I went back inside to wash my hands and let my dog out. I tracked me shoveling snow as a workout. I’m glad I did, as I burned more calories shoveling snow than I would have just lifting. Actually made me hungry, too! I ended up heating up the sandwich I had made in the morning and cuddled up in front of the heater in the living room. One of my favorite Christmas movies was on tv. Score! I love Christmas With the Kranks. While that played, I worked on some content again for the upcoming days.


Once my husband came home we ended up eating dinner and just watching tv together. We didn’t stay up late since he worked the next day.

Thank you so much reading and until next time!

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