Blogmas 2022 – Day 23: Productive Day In My Life


This morning I woke up and started my everyday morning routine. I got dressed and took care of my animals as soon as I went downstairs. Before I even started my workout, I gathered up some laundry and immediately got that going. This morning’s workout was Kelly Yagers Q4 Back&Biceps AND Metcon/Circuit. I was feeling energized and ready to go. I love watching YouTube while I’m working out. This time of year there is no limited supply of fresh videos going up daily. This morning I got caught up with Beatrice Caruso’s videos. Seriously she is amazing and relatable. If you haven’t watched her videos yet, you should definitely check her out.


As soon as I finished my workout, I started making some breakfast. While the pan heated up, I went outside to check on the driveway since it had recently snowed. I tried to shovel most of it the day before after work but it got dark way too fast. The temperature outside this morning was well below freezing and everything was solid ice. I put some salt down in some areas that were really slick in case we had any deliveries coming first thing and heading back inside to finish making my breakfast. I started watching Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead on Amazon Prime. I love classic 80s and 90s films. While I had that playing I worked on content to keep up with Blogmas.


I did take a break part way through to get some dishes and clothes started. Committed to putting all my laundry away for once. If you know me, you know I do this about every other weekend so it’s nothing new.


At noon I decided to start on my dreaded homework assignment. I am the biggest procrastinator especially when it comes to work and school. A project like this, I knew I wouldn’t have to cut out hours every Saturday to get it done if I just worked on it a little each day after work.


After an hour, I was already feeling frustrated and hungry so I decided to take a break and make some lunch. I was running out of groceries and so the “easy to grab” healthy items were dwindling. Even though I didn’t have to work the next few days, I meal prepped anyways so that when I was hungry I wouldn’t just grab for chips or cupcakes just because they were readily available.


After I ate I shoveled the rest of the driveway having seen that the sun was out. There were still sections that were solid ice but I was able to break it up and clear it away anyways. After having worked my upper body in the morning and moving all that ice, I was exhausted and beyond sore.


I knew that I needed to relax after I tried to bring in some boxes off the front porch and didn’t have the energy to get them past the front entrance. So, I grabbed my water bottle and a book and ran myself I nice hot bath. It didn’t turn out to be as relaxing as I had hoped merely because I left the bathroom door open so my cat wouldn’t feel lonely and he kept trying to jump in with me.


After my bath, I decided to hunker down and just plow through the rest of my assignment for school.


I ended up finishing it a little after 6. I still had two more assignments that I had to get done but I was mentally done for the day. I heated up some of the leftovers I had prepped earlier and cleaned up the kitchen a bit before my husband got home. We called it an early night shortly after he got home.

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