2023 Fitness Goals

Better late than never, right?

2022 I definitely lapsed on my focus and drive and was pretty much in a stalemate the entire year, especially after starting my new position at work. I started focusing more on trying to excel at work that everything else got put on the back burner. Even the simplest thing like my diet wasn’t really about fueling my body. It was more like, what could I snack on at work since I wasn’t guaranteed a break and what was the easiest thing to make at night after being utterly exhausted.

I’m breaking that cycle. I refuse to keep on this wheel any longer.

Much of my goals will be the same as 2022 since I don’t feel like I accomplished any of them.

Fitness Challenges

  • 75 Hard
    • Two 45 minute workouts
    • One workout must be outdoors
    • Follow a diet
    • No alcohol or cheat meals
    • Drink 1 gallon of water
    • Read 10 pages, nonfiction
      • Audio books don’t count
    • Take a progress pic every day
  • 5k
    • At least 6 Virtual 5k’s


  • Perfect pushups
    • No more modifying
  • Visit gym at least once a week
    • Very inconsistent with how many times I go to the gym and if I don’t become more consistent I need to consider canceling my membership
  • Run an entire 5k
  • Incorporate more cardio
  • Decrease strength training to 3-4 days a week

Number Goals

Whereas last year I didn’t put much focus on numbers or anything like that, I do feel the need to place some sort of importance on having a goal to strive towards this year.

  • Lose 10% body fat
  • Lose 30 lbs
  • Pant size 6

One thought on “2023 Fitness Goals

  1. I keep trying that 75 hard, I can do just about all of it except for the two 45 minute workouts every day…some days sure, but I always need that 1 day rest a week, and my life schedule is an issue…so I changed mine to 100 workouts in a 100 days, so some days I do two (like training for a triathlon) so I’m on track for that…that water, sure, I hate me so that one pic a day ain’t going to happen…and I really don’t drink, I did add 1 cold shower a day…yikes


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