March TBR & Adjusting My Goodreads Goal

Hello all! February has flown by. Not surprising since it’s literally the shortest month of the year. However, I’ve been taking baby steps with trying to get my life back together.

Goodreads Goal

First thing’s first, I’ve adjusted my Goodreads goal. At the start of the year, I was sitting strong with wanting to reach that 100 book goal. It’s kind of hard not to want to reach that goal when all your Instagram and YouTube feed is nothing but readers setting these massive goals to read 100+ books. But then I have to remind myself that most are influencers with either part-time or being an influencer is their only job. I have a 9-5ish (usually more than the typical 40 hours) and I have school and other priorities. So having that goal wasn’t realistic for me and seeing that I was constantly getting behind was already making me sad.

So I reset my goal to 50 books. I will again look at this goal midway through the year to see if I need to adjust it again.

March TBR

It’s a very small list and I do have some other books that I need to either finish or would like to start. However, I’m trying to focus on a smaller amount of books and then read more if I’m able to.

Let me know in the comments what you’re reading!

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