Rethinking My Strategy After Dealing With My “Illness”

Before I jump into this, I will place a warning here for any gentlemen reading. I understand the topic of “that time of the month” may make you uncomfortable. If so, do not continue to read! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know then that I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. […]

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Coping With Endometriosis: Update

Hello fellow readers! I’m here today to touch on a subject that I still have trouble talking about most days. I mean, what woman wants to talk about her period? More accurately I want to give an update on how I’m currently dealing with my endometriosis. What Is Endometriosis? In layman’s terms, endometriosis is a […]

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Opening Up: Preparing for Surgery

Book Review

Hello and good morning. As you can tell from my utter lack of enthusiasm with my “good morning” that I’m here to open up about something that I still have trouble talking about.  In some of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I’ll be going in for surgery this month.  What I haven’t eluded to […]

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