Opening Up: Preparing for Surgery

Book Review

Hello and good morning. As you can tell from my utter lack of enthusiasm with my “good morning” that I’m here to open up about something that I still have trouble talking about.  In some of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I’ll be going in for surgery this month.  What I haven’t eluded to […]

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Hello and good morning! Summer is officially over and I have to say this summer was a turning point for me.  So much good happened (I made so much progress shifting over to a more healthier life) and yet so much bad happened (family/work troubles).  I think the highlight of my summer was being invited […]

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10 Bookish Facts About Me

Hello my lovelies!  My recent post, September TBR, was my first post on this blog and I was so excited to share that with you.  But now I want to rewind a step and share a little bit about me.  And since I am in the bookish mood, why not share my top 10 bookish […]

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